Diane Rousseau with Charles F. Lutes
Diane Rousseau with Charlie Lutes

Man Is Made In The Image Of God


Diane M. Rousseau

Note: Quotes by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi are from his Satellite News Conference - March 28, 2006.

Tuesday while watching the latest news conference by Maharishi, even though the main focus of the conference was on the New World Capital of Peace inauguration in Kansas, my attention was on Maharishi's intense speech about God.

Maharishi begins by looking intently into the camera before speaking. At 94 he exudes strength, intensity, love and power; the same feeling he has held all these years, if not more, for the benefit of humankind.

Maharishi begins by saying:

It is a joy for me today to reflect on the need that has been felt throughout the ages by the wise throughout the ages, that life is to be lived in its full creative potential, that life is recommended to be the representation of The Will of God.

The Will of God is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient reality.

Maharishi goes on to say that the material value of a human is what is usually thought of as important, but man is made in the image of God. That the physiology of man - mind, ego, outside and inside - is the expression of supreme fulfillment which is on the level of Almighty God. Maharishi emphasized that human life has to Be in Bliss Eternal, that this should be the flow of human life.

Maharishi said again,

Human is all Divine, Man is made in the image of God. From earliest ancient times it was known man is Divine. The Divinity of man is not a human concept, it is a Divine concept. The Divine in man, the Divinity, is the real character quality of human life.

Maharishi continues, "Human life has to be in the waves of Bliss. This is the real nature of life on earth."

Looking very seriously Maharishi slowly spoke the following,

... But, the practical life on Earth does not accept this definition of human life. What is human? Normal means to make mistakes, Superior value of life is in the religions, This shows that man is made in the image of God. The only human right is to be Divine on the functional level of life. This definition of life has not been realized on the level of human awareness. This is due to lack of education. Education as it is, has been teaching man to be a slave, to be another's slave. Due to the current education system, children are not made aware of their own character of life as a Light of God. This knowledge is due to lack of education. Education to be proper must include the naturalness of life, which is the Light of God, the Will of God.

Some of you may be surprised at these comments, but first some background. I have been a SRM/TM Meditator for thirty-four years. I began the practice of Transcendental Meditation through the Spiritual Regeneration Movement (SRM) which was started by Maharishi in 1955 in India. When I was Initiated into Transcendental Meditation in 1972, my Initiator DTB III had just returned from Maharishi's Teacher Training Course in Spain. Mr. B had been with Maharishi and was personally taught by him. We were a small group of ten people at the University of Washington Campus attending Mr. B's first lecture on Transcendental Meditation.

Mr. B has an MS in Physics and went into scientific explanations of the Transcendental Meditation technique. I understood the release of stress, the calming of the mind. But, I wanted to hear about the spiritual aspect of meditation. Having been raised Catholic and into spiritual philosophy since age 13, I wanted to hear about God.

When Mr. B finished his lecture, he looked at me and said, "Do you want to start Transcendental Meditation?"

Looking at me he knew I wanted to hear something else, and then to my surprise he said, "Do you want to experience God?"

I said "Yes!" and so my husband and I were his first Initiates that week. I can share with you that I did experience God, a profound peace, a beautiful love from the inside that I could not explain.

Experiences came, and my initiator contacted Charlie F. Lutes who was World Governor International Meditation Society and World President of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Charlie Lutes had been with Maharishi since 1958, and traveled around the world with him starting Transcendental Meditation centers, helping out and Lecturing. SRM was started in the USA in 1958.

Charlie Lutes talked to me on the phone and told me to see him when he came up and lectured in Seattle later that year. A profound speaker, and dedicated to Maharishi, Charlie spoke of higher consciousness, spiritual principles, and the inner life that unfolds as one develops.

When I met with Charlie privately he told me what I was experiencing was natural. He took me under his wing and became my mentor and friend, along with his wife Helen, for the next 29 years until their passing in 2001.

Although this may be new to some, this is just the surface of what Maharishi has been teaching since the beginning in 1955. Everything I quoted earlier by Maharishi I have heard before in Maharishi's earlier SRM teachings. He has never veered from his purpose. Maharishi has never been anything other a Spiritual Being who cares profoundly for all humanity and wants to heal the suffering and pain, the confusion and lack of direction, the sadness and loneliness. Maharishi has always wanted humankind to know "themselves" and has quoted Scripture since the beginning. A statement that I remember Maharishi saying in a SRM lecture tape (1964) was, "First experience God, then one will know to do right action."

The knowledge of SRM is the knowledge to spiritually regenerate one's self into Being, the Divine Self. Maharishi teaches that Transcendental Meditation is the tool which unlocks the inner experience, enabling one to transcend the mind into the Supreme Nature of Bliss and awareness of Divinity. The inner knowledge gives one the direct experience of truth, and this process goes on continuously, unfolding a higher consciousness and reality. This gives a profound insight to life, and an appreciation of nature and respect for all life. The Laws of God become natural as one understands the deeper realities of life.

To continue with the Conference talk, Maharishi said, "Divine Law is the Law of the Almighty Merciful God. Education has to include God and be in terms of the Supreme quality of life."

Maharishi asked again, "And what is lacking? Education is lacking. God is not a new reality!"

Maharishi continued explaining,

Total knowledge is the turnkey to make the Will of God natural in life, as was known in ancient times. This was a blossom of fullness and bliss. Since that time, the relationship between man and Divine was in education in Veda, knowledge; the Almighty side of consciousness. This education is the turnkey for this to become a reality on surface life. The knowledge of God, the technology of the practice (Transcendental Meditation), makes a concept of total value of life in Bliss on every level in human awareness. There has been a Tradition, called The Holy Tradition of Total Knowledge passed on throughout time from generation to generation of human life. These people upheld in their family and Vedic Tradition of the family. They committed to memory the Knowledge.

Whole Source in Veda is in one syllable, "Ahhh"

The whole Tradition comes from one syllable, one single source that flows into relative life. Knowledge of these syllables is the seed. There is emptiness in the seed, from this emptiness is the unmanifest of creation which goes into manifest creation. Through memorization, the one word (sound) became the second word and on and on like a river that becomes the ocean. River of Veda, Total Knowledge, unbounded systematically and how it expands into different manifestations, and this has to be education, to unfold the interior into the exterior of life.

Fifty years ago, a new awakening came into the same old reality. The Unknown was brought to human awareness; unlimited reservoir of total knowledge into their consciousness. The guiding of every action, right action, will produce right results. Creator of Natural Law; this is the unfoldment of Divinity within the unfoldment of humanity. This is real education! Education must unfold the new reality. Humans have had wrong education; to be a servant. This is not freedom It is a misuse of life. To save mankind from this useless education, total natural Divinity must unfold within each individual to have unlimited potential in all areas.

The Unified Field is the basis of all things. Through Yoga, through the practice of meditation, human mind makes transcended consciousness that goes beyond all levels of relative life; Vedic Unified Field which is the home of all the Laws of Nature, The Light of God, all of the whole Galactic Universe - the orderly expansion of all life, eternally in the expanded state, not static, dynamic!

Power of action is an integral part of the unlimited potential in the reality of Bliss that Vedic Education, that Science, will now study and express. Self referral of unified field transforms itself into the relative; it appears to transform. It is internal. It is wholeness of silence in dynamism - all from the nowness from the Transcendental Consciousness of Divinity of the Universe. It is in the silence. Transcendental is not in human mind, but in the field of the Unmanifest. Transcendental is the source of all energy, orderly growth of energy into segments of growth - units of intelligence. Know all is Divine. This is real freedom and consciousness based in right action.

Maharishi commented on his experience of coming to the USA in the late 50s. He said that coming to a country of size as the USA, he found the U.S. people more understanding of the truth. Maharishi said, "The soil held the consciousness of science."

Maharishi found the collective consciousness of the country to be the radiance (through meditation), to be the Light of the World.

Then, speaking about countries and governments in general, Maharishi said,

Whatever a government does is motivated by national consciousness. Policy is motivated by total national consciousness. A change can be had by the transformation of humanity to Divinity. Government can only do what it is doing. To change this, raise the quality of collective consciousness and then the government will naturally do better and better. This will change government through the transformation, and new Laws will be made automatically.

Ancient wisdom will always be held by small numbers throughout time of people who hold the Vedic tradition. Darkness will disappear and we will see peace in this world.

All Glory to the Tradition of Vedic Masters; Silence in Action.

All Glory to God.

Victory to The Great Master Brahmananda Saraswati. Guide us, lead us, to take the world population to perfection in life.

Victory to you Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,
To the Heart who came into the World to give the Supreme Knowledge,
So all people everywhere could experience God within themselves,
So each could know the Truth in their Scriptures,
So each can experience the Kingdom Of God,
To create a World of Peace,
Heaven on Earth.

Written with love to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and in loving memory to Charlie and Helen Lutes, SRM.
© March 31, 2006 by Diane Rousseau. All Rights Reserved.

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