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Charlie Lutes:

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Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"Some people feel that truth is something to be observed above all else. Others feel truth is something to be observed when all else fails."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

Truth, a Continuous Unfoldment

Truth has many meanings for different people. Some people feel that truth is something to be observed above all else. Others feel truth is something to be observed when all else fails. And, some people resort to truth only in an emergency. The truth is that truth is a continual unfoldment in life as one grows. It is a natural part of growth. A child can only understand what he has learned, and in many cases he may have learned something, but certainly he does not know the truth of what he has learned. There is always the truth of the object and the truth of the subject and we may know one and never know the other.

There is a continuous mystery regarding relative truth, because in relative truth what is true today may not be true tomorrow. Life should be a daily unfoldment of truth. As we work out the lessons of life, each lesson well-learned brings forth many new truths to be absorbed into the mind and this is real growth. Truth is both the servant and the master. Truth not only commands obedience, it also serves in a very humble way. No one should ever use truth as a weapon, nor should one use truth as an instrument of control because truth is really and truly an instrument of love.

Knowledge gained in truth is of eternal value, while knowledge gained in falsity leads to great confusion and disillusionment. We should always ask God to show us that which is the truth and deliver us from the evil of that which is not truth. A teaching of truth frees us and a false teaching binds us. As seekers of truth on the path of light we should be wary of those with glib tongues and with great promises who try to lure us away as they would willingly lead us astray of the truth in order to gain their own personal and often demonic ends.

One of the sad facts of life is that too often fiction is accepted as truth. In many cases the lie is concocted and the people are taught that this is truth and they believe this for many ages until the truth finally surfaces. Discrediting reincarnation is one prime example. Another is that heaven is the goal of human life. Another is that God is a God of wrath and personally punishes us for our sins.

Truth is both relative and absolute. Relative truth is constantly changing because of the transient nature of relativity. So, what may be the truth today does not necessarily mean it is the truth tomorrow. The absolute truth is that which never changes. It is truth always. It always was and always will be.

As humans we are mainly concerned with the relative, yet the absolute truth underlies everything in creation and is the basis for all the laws of creation. As adults, like children, we must grow into truth. Truth could not be poured out on us indiscriminately because we would drown in truth rather than gradually grow into, or absorb, the truth. As we grow into truth we become more responsible and as a result more and more truth is added unto us.

For many ages the inner truths were closely guarded lest they got into the hands of irresponsible people and were misused. Hence, the forming of secret brotherhoods and mystery schools where only the most responsible and trustworthy were initiated into truth under great vows of secrecy. However, now is the time when great truths are being given out around the world for those who have the good karma or inner desire for these revelations.

One such truth is that there is a shortcut, the Transcendental Meditation technique, whereby we may construct a clear channel from ourselves to the Almighty, and thereby quickly gain absolute truth without going through a long drawn out process of evolution over ages of births and rebirths. Other great truths are also now being given out, such as: that we are never punished for our sins, but by them; that we are responsible for our actions and that we judge ourselves when we get to the other side; that we are eternal and we have everlasting life; that ultimately all souls gain mastery and that 97% of them are not lost; that love is the motivating force of creation; that we are all one; that destruction is not the wrath of God being visited upon the people, rather it is nature restoring the balance thrown out by human ignorance. There are so many truths to be given out and absorbed by so many people throughout the world.

Finding the truth which is now widely available is like finding a gold mine in your backyard. It is all there just for the seeking. In the close of the Piscean Age and the beginning of the Aquarian Age we are aware of so much evil and violence in the world, but we should be aware that there is also the opposite being offered. And having free will we can, as always, choose the way we wish to go. Truth is the solid foundation we should build our lives on and in so doing we will build a structure that will withstand the ravages of time. If we build our lives on a foundation of lies or half-truths the first storm to assail us will carry us down the path of destruction and ruin. While we should always accept and appreciate relative truth we should strive to move toward the absolute truth as much as we are able.

We cannot demand truth, because truth is purity on an ascending scale. So, to be aware of higher truths we must gain equal purity. Although humanity is completely surrounded by truth, most of humanity is completely unaware of this. To realize the higher truths, they must grow into the higher truths.

The purity of one thing attracts the purity of another thing. Also, the setting for an object must be compatible with the object itself. You would not display a flawless diamond in a shoddy surrounding. You would display it in a beautiful salon on a velvet covered table.

The ultimate truth is total purity and that is God. So, God and truth are one and the same. Destiny on the path of truth is the same thing; it leads to oneness with truth which is our oneness with God.

Coming up through evolution we have come up through a sea of deceit, lies, selfishness, vanity, ego, cruelty, separateness and all forms of sin. We have lived untruth while oblivious to the purity of life, which is truth. Now we find that in awakening to the spirit of truth, which is spirituality, we are covered with contamination of the ages encrusted on us and now we are going through the process of cleansing which we call unstressing. The solvent or cleansing agent we use is a very high vibration that acts against the contamination and breaks it up and washes it away through the mind because that is how we acquired it in the first place. It is like washing away a heavy clay coating on a diamond and then when this is accomplished, the diamond begins to sparkle in its own pure light. The human nervous system is like the diamond and Transcendental Meditation is the cleanser we use.

Truth in life has many facets and all are very important parts contributing to the whole, such as true love, true beauty, true devotion, true integrity, true mercy, true kindness and consideration, and many others. All of these facets are lived in relative purity by humanity; but the path of the initiate is to bring all of these facets up to total purity, and that then is truth unfolded. When we have at last reached the pure light of enlightenment and discover that we are the light, then that is truth resplendent in its full meaning. We are then one with the truth and truth is one with us - we are one with God.

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