Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"Thoughts are really things just as much as light, heat or electricity, etc., are things."

                                                                                                    - Charlie Lutes

The Power of Thought

How one thinks and what one thinks about is very important because thoughts going out have power; they are emanations which are minute particles going out into the atmosphere. These thoughts, after the initial force of projection is expanded, float along like clouds mixing with other thought waves of the same character, and these in many cases extend to far distant parts of the earth. Some thought emanations remain close to where they were sent forth, and unless they are disturbed by other strong thoughts of a contrary nature, they will remain slightly charged for many years. Thoughts sent forth with a definite purpose, or under a strong desire, emotion or passion will go forth rapidly toward the objective or individual to whom they are directed.

Very few persons put any force or power into their thoughts, and their thinking becomes a mechanical process. And, their thoughts do not travel anywhere to speak of, unless they are drawn by someone of a similar nature with similar thoughts who attracts them to himself. Some people spend their entire lives avoiding thinking; they only think in cases of emergency and they spend most of their lives trying to avoid an emergency.

Thoughts are really things just as much as light, heat, electricity, and so forth, are things. Also, thoughts can be seen by psychic sight, and they can also be felt. Thoughts going out also carry the color belonging to it, such as anger which is dark red, murderous thoughts as dark muddy red, and so forth. Thoughts have power and they affect people. Thoughts going forth with strength, in most cases carry with it a certain amount of prana, and this gives them additional strength and power, and often produces startling results.

Prana has the ability to vitalize thoughts and, in some cases, makes it almost a living force. Again, to produce certain results depends upon the strength with which the thought has been projected. There is another element of strength which also allows thoughts to manifest power and that is that thoughts have the tendency to attract to themselves other thoughts of a similar nature, and thus combine force. Similar thoughts have a tendency to flock together, or to coalesce, or blend with each other. Mob psychology is an example.

The average thought-atmosphere of a community is the composite thoughts of the people living in that community. So places, like people, have their peculiarities, their characteristics, their strong and weak points, or their prevailing atmosphere. People coming to such a community, either find themselves in harmony with their own mental character, or they don't, in which case they feel uncomfortable and soon leave the place if it is possible. It is also true that a person new in a place may not be in harmony with the prevailing thought-atmosphere. Yet, if he stays there a charge begins to be manifested in him and he rises or, as the case may be, sinks to the level of the prevailing thought of the area or community.

The thoughts of one strong thinker will overcome the weak meaningless thoughts of a great number of people who send forth only negative thoughts. Hence the saying, to accentuate the positive and not the negative, for the positive is a sure antidote for the negative.

The spirit of a nation is a composite of the spirit of its people and the leader of a nation is the voice of the thinking of the people. Strong thoughts or positive thinking produces a strong nation, and visa versa. The collected thinking of people form thought strata in the astral, the same as clouds form in groups of clouds in the sky here on earth. On the astral each stratum of thought does not occupy a certain portion of space to the exclusion of all other thought clouds; rather, these thought particles forming the clouds are of different degrees of vibrations. So, the same space may be filled with thought matter of numerous kinds, passing freely about and interpenetrating each other without interference with each other.

Another great truth is that you are as you think. If one thinks in a positive manner, one then attracts unto oneself thoughts from a positive cloud mass, and visa versa. Hate groups are formed of persons who have harbored thoughts of hate or malice for some time and eventually they are attracted to each other, and as a group are given an opportunity to manifest these thoughts into action. This same procedure produces wars, which start with great energy, are exhausted, and many lives are lost.

Now is the time when we have the opportunity to move into much higher thinking of peace, sharing, harmony and love in this world. As we think this way we will draw on higher and higher thoughts and in turn we will become cosmic.

If one continues to think in a certain vein, he will eventually attract to himself circumstances and conditions which will make it possible for him to manifest his thoughts into action, and to make use of the thoughts he has been harboring, good bad or indifferent.

A person possessing power or a strong will, will send forth a powerful thought and with it a supply of prana in proportion to the power or force of the thought. Also, a powerful thinker, whose thought is charged strongly with prana, often creates thought forms, that is, thoughts having such vitality that they become like living forces and they possess nearly the same power that the person creating them has. The higher the order of thought, the stronger it is.

There are many thought forms sent out of all descriptions, low and evil, or high and loving. However, as long as one maintains thoughts of love and God, he will repel the strongest thought-wave which may be directed against him, or which might be encountered in the astral, and he will only respond to thoughts coming from a very high source, which will greatly benefit him. Low thoughts, aims and ambitions come only from those of low consciousness and through selfishness; such cause most of the trouble that exists in this world. Again, those of high spiritual development are constantly sending forth thought waves of love, strength and help. They are forever dedicated to helping humanity, and those who need help receive it if they are sincere. Those who send forth thoughts of evil and destruction, or desire to injure someone, are usually injured themselves. For evil thoughts sent to someone who is spiritual rebound back to the sender. This is why it is said that if someone would harm you, do not respond, as that has already been taken care of through the immutable law of cause and effect.

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