Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"The human, being of free will, can at anytime he wishes, change his course in life for better or for worse."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

Effort and Effects in Life

Anything that is accomplished in life, especially in the field of self-improvement or evolvement, is done at great effort by anyone dedicated to self-development. It does not come easy, and for a marked degree of development there must be great devotion. This is true of great musicians, artists, athletes, leaders, and so forth.

The human, being of free will, can at anytime he wishes, change his course in life for better or for worse. However, the dominant nature of change is always for improvement. The human goes through stages of development in the process of evolution; first where all concern is for personal survival, then for personal gain and then for spiritual gain. These stages are also the modes of life; the modes of ignorance, passion and goodness. The human, in the process of evolution, goes through a long period of slow development when he must constantly improve his body and his mind. All are caught up in degrees of consciousness that run the gamut from ignorance to enlightenment, and the key to this is the fact that consciousness is tied to the body. Density is low consciousness and purity is high consciousness.

The human is a replica of this planet and he has and is affected by the same forces or energies. So, the human emotions and the human deeds make a marked impression upon the planetary energy field and as a result evoke a given response in various degrees and of various manifestations because the earth is also attempting to restore balance. As a result, we have various types of natural disturbances such as earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, storms, and so forth. It is nature throwing off the negativity that is created by the humans.

The thoughts and deeds of humans are charges of energy that penetrate the great ocean of energy, and which also build cloudy formations around the earth. When such formations or charges of energy reach a certain level of power, they cause great constructive or destructive effect upon the earth and upon the people on the earth. This affects the solar system as well; if our earth does not keep up in evolution, it slows down the progress of the solar system. Another thing, when human emotions run rampant on a destructive course it not only affects the atmosphere, but it also affects our health as well. All is interconnected right on up to the highest kingdom. When any one group riots, causes a war, or generates a great negative reaction in the world, a charged cloud of negative energy is formed which must be released. And when this is finished, balance or peace is then restored. Wars usually start with a big explosion and then just phase out after the energy is dissipated.

Each human is born with a certain allotment of energy and this can be dissipated through excessive sex, or it can be channeled into higher creativity, whichever one chooses. If he chooses to stand on a higher plane he can measurably increase his energy. When you reach a certain level of attainment in life the source of energy is inexhaustible, but this has to be a level where one does not use the energy for personal pleasures or benefits. Sexual energy is a very vital part of human life because it creates vitality and sensitivity in the brain, creativity in the mind, an impression in the aura and has a healing and magnetic effect on the body. When this energy is wasted on a mass scale, such as was done in Rome, Greece, Egypt and now America, an imbalance in creative energies results, which then causes the fall of such a nation. Many nations and many groups have fallen just this way.

There are times or cycles when new energies are poured out onto the earth and these energies provide great opportunities for human progress and higher initiations for the people. Also, with the in-pouring of these energies come crises cycles and these must be handled wisely to preserve the balance here on earth. The energy coming into the earth is impersonal, but it can be destructive according to the nature of the people, or the nature of the thought forms produced by the thinking of the people. If there is a great amount of negativity among the people, either of a nation or of the world, a world war or a local war is the result. If the incoming energies contact positive thinking on the part of the people, then there is a surge of love felt in the world and creativity and harmony on earth is experienced. So, our thoughts play an important part in the world activity whether we know it or not. Nature is certainly aware of this and the flowers putting forth their fragrance and the birds singing their melodious songs have a neutralizing effect on negative emotions and thoughts in the atmosphere. It is also said that it is the birds singing in the gardens that open the channels to the kingdoms of the Devas. Also, flowers in the garden around a home purify the atmosphere around that house. Further, a city that has beautiful parks filled with the songs of birds and the fragrance of flowers is a much purer city for having such parks.

People need to be out in nature more because it has a very uplifting effect and puts one in touch with the Devas and the elemental forces of nature. In the Middle Ages, when they had the walled-in cities, disease and plagues were very common because of the containment of all the accumulated negativity in such a city. In the coming New Age, living will be in airy, open type houses in a park setting of great beauty. If we continue to poison the air we breathe and pollute our streams, rivers and oceans, we will produce great negativity in the world and open the door for the dark destructive forces to occupy our earth.

The human controls all of this, so he should be aware of his responsibility. The answer to all of this is to begin to know and experience God and to acquire a spiritual nature. By doing this, love will predominate on this earth and the world will be uplifted and purified as well, without the earth having to resort to destructive means in order to rid itself of destructive, negative humans. We must also realize that color, music, lovely fragrance, laughter, joy, happiness and love are all uplifting vibrations that neutralize negativity in the world. Also, it keeps the spirits of the humans high and does not allow depressions to overtake human emotions.

If possible, one should have a bedroom facing east so one can be awakened by the morning sun, and a living room facing the setting sun. All of this has a profound effect upon everyone. No one should ever sleep below the ground level or have houses with dark depressing colors if one is on the spiritual path.

Many people feel that when a natural calamity is visited upon them that they are being punished by God, but this is not true. It is only nature restoring the equilibrium disturbed by humanity.

Subtle nature from time to time releases great bursts of energy upon the earth. Sunspots are one example. And according to the state of human consciousness this becomes either a very uplifting creative force or a very destructive force in the world, according to how it is received. How and where one is in consciousness determines the type of vibrations one emits into the atmosphere and collectively this has a profound effect on all of nature as well as on humanity.

If we are to become immune to all the negativity in the world we must surround ourselves with a protective shield of God, that is, a higher vibration and an aura of love. This is what the scriptures mean when they say, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” For it is love that gives life, creates harmony in the world, gives unity and molds us into the light. And it is separateness and hate that lowers all vibrations and sows the seeds of destruction in the world.

When one is cheerful, understanding and positive, no matter what the circumstances one finds oneself in, then one is naturally attuned to God and is a light in this world for God. And God functions through such a person. As meditators we are an uplifting force in this world and every time we meditate we send out into the surrounding atmosphere high positive vibrations which have a profound effect for good.

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