Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"The important thing in life is to be and not seem to be."

                                                                - Charlie Lutes

Intent and Honesty in Life

Unless one can be honest with himself he can hardly be honest with others. We should also determine what our real intent in life is toward ourselves and toward others. These are two very important considerations that call for a close scrutiny as we go along in life.

Because there are so many temptations presented to us to do what is dishonest, it becomes increasingly hard to remain honest. One main reason for dishonesty is that we do not wish to expend the time and effort to honestly construct our life according to the karma we have to work out. Also, in following our chosen destiny we look for shortcuts in life. We look for advantage and we often care little who we take advantage of in our pursuit of the easy way through life. In this pursuit we do not realize that instead of making things easier for ourselves we are really making things much harder in time to come. What we seem to gain is only very temporary and then we find we have a great and unnecessary karmic debt to pay. We have not worked out the karma we were meant to work out, rather we have immeasurably added to our karma.

One of the most important things in life is, to thine own self be true. If you are true to yourself it follows that you will be true to others. One is just as important as the other.

“What profit it a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul,” says the scripture. Of course, the answer is obvious. What we are talking about is honesty of purpose in life; the real motivation behind our actions; do we live in the world to see how many people we can deceive, or do we live in honesty of intent.

Often what seems to be a gain in life turns out to be a loss, mainly because our intention was not right. You cannot gain real success by climbing head and shoulders over others who have helped you. The real honesty of life is living a life devoted to service to humanity and also improving yourself in all ways possible.

To go through life scheming and plotting against others is the road to personal devolution. The person coming back into a life of hardship and suffering is the last one to realize the fact that he solely created it. Someone assaulting you, or insulting you, without seeming provocation is simply the messenger bringing you your message.

Our life is always planned for growth and planned in such a way that we may learn hard lessons. When we learn these lessons, this is real growth. If our real intent in life is to grow and become spiritual then we will do just that. The way will be made easier for us. We will be given added strength to overcome our lower self. We will be given guidance when we really need it. This is so because we have left the low road and we have moved onto the high road of life that leads to liberation. The higher Self knows that this is a real struggle and wants to assist you in all ways possible.

The nature of matter is that it is extremely glamorous and it makes a deep impression in the mind and overpowers and leads the mind deeper and deeper into delusion. At this point we become oblivious to our real purpose here on earth and we slide deeper and deeper into the web of delusion.

However, at some point, as the way becomes harder and more confusing we come face to face with reality. We suddenly realize that we have lived in error and then at a point of recognition, we suddenly get a glimpse of what is real and honest, and in that flash we are changed. We have arrested our downward plunge and we now have a desire to change and throw off the chains that we are bound in. So, in that flash of recognition we have become seekers. We now know that we have received the pain and suffering we created. It is now that our inner nature tells us that the way back is up, and we also realize that the climb back out of the morass of the misery of life is not easy. We have now been reborn to honesty of purpose and at this point help is always given. That is why sincere prayer is answered.

All creation rejoices when one soul turns toward the light and starts home, weary and worn from the long, long journey into darkness. One is now willing to learn the lessons he has neglected. Still there are pitfalls one must watch out for and guard against lest he falls back from whence he came.

As long as we seek to be honest and our intentions are good we will usually do the right thing. We should strive to be honest at all times and not turn to honesty when all else fails. The important thing in life is to be and not seem to be; not to use honesty of purpose only to gain our immediate ends, but to grow day by day toward honesty.

In this life we are not harshly judged for our mistakes as long as our intentions were good. However, it is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. So, the real solution lies in the infusion of the Being, and when this is done the lower mind no longer has any power to trick us. The higher mind is now functioning and the higher mind is truth and honesty, and our intent in life is to grow into the light and become the light. And, that is our journey’s end.

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