Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"No one understanding reincarnation would help to wreck the world, because he would be helping to destroy his own future home."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes


The average person is led to the belief in reincarnation because of some pressure of necessity within himself. When he reaches that degree in the unfoldment of his life where he needs a better and more complete explanation of his own existence, he will then in all probability be drawn toward the belief in reincarnation.

The human has been taught to believe in a miraculous universe where the ways of God were never to be questioned by man, because these were beyond human understanding. Therefore, the human felt that God favored some and did not favor others. Belief in reincarnation, however, allows us to justify a belief in an equitable world of cause and effect, and not a world purely of chance. Belief in reincarnation affirms that we unfold our various destinies, coming in the end to such conclusions as we have earned by our own individual conduct during our prior and present life spans here on earth. According to the doctrine of reincarnation all things are equal and have within themselves the means of growth and progress. The purpose of each life is for us to grow as much as possible. This is a lesson world and we are here to learn the lessons of human life; to continue to live in life until we outgrow human life.

There are no favorite groups or special classes in nature; the differences in social status are solely the result of causes and effect set in motion by the individual. When we understand rebirth, we then understand that neither man nor God sits in judgment over human conduct, but that each human is a self-regulating, self-punishing and self-rewarding being. Everywhere in nature, effects follow their causes. According to a one-life theory a human living in one age would be excluded from living in a better age of higher lessons. No one in one lifetime can begin to learn what he needs to know, to say nothing of putting what he has learned into practice.

By what reasoning would the unborn innocent inherit a world of trouble and strife unless they helped to create just such a world in a former life? We are only born when the field is fertile for us to be born. No one understanding reincarnation would help to wreck the world, because he would be helping to destroy his own future home, and that would not make sense, no matter how you looked at it.

Laws of humans are only shadows of divine laws. If reincarnation was widely taught as a scriptural truth and so accepted, we would then know that whatever we do to anyone, we will have automatically set up the same situation to happen to ourselves. The acceptance of that one truth alone would change the whole world. There would be much less crime, poverty, misery and suffering in the world. We would also realize that a child, after only one year in school, is never graduated from the school. He returns again and again until he has mastered all that the school has to teach. Then he is given a diploma and moves on to a higher school, and finally goes out into daily life in whatever field he has chosen. And that is how life works.

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