Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"In Transcendental Meditation we are yoking up with God to be what we were created to be."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

Truth, Relative and Absolute

To find truth, one must experience truth through Transcendental Meditation. Truth cannot be expressed through language. Truth is only understood and experienced by intuition; the self-luminous light of consciousness.

To discover the truth brings peace, progress, prosperity, spiritual power and eternity. Untruth brings misery, mental and physical suffering and continued bondage.

The movement of the mind in a righteous way leads to truth. The movement of the mind in a false way leads to untruth. Transcendental Meditation is the instrument to check the mind from lower movement and turn it to higher movement.

Meditation might be said to be the process of undoing what we have spent ages doing. In Transcendental Meditation we are yoking up with God to be what we were created to be.

If we wished to define truth we would have to say it is that which is. However, we would also have to realize that there are two categories of truth; relative and absolute. Relative truth is that truth that exists within the limitations of time, space, cause and effect. Absolute truth is that truth that exists permanently, everywhere, and is not affected or contradicted by time, space, cause and effect. In relative truth, there is always something depending on something else. In absolute truth, it is dependent on nothing other than itself. It is forever non-changing.

One facet of relativity is that every point of relativity has the absolute truth at its center. The reason humans suffer is because they have forgotten the truth of the Laws and how to live them. So, suffering is not caused by a God of wrath, but rather it is self-created. Suffering is not our true nature, but it does exist as long as we continue to create it for ourselves.

No one suffers because of time. We suffer because we have created a particular condition at that particular time. Even so, at any particular time, all people would not suffer at the same time. Only those who are involved in the suffering at that particular time would suffer, whereas others would at that same particular time remain happy.

We may ask if a particular place can be the universal cause of suffering. And we would have to say, no. A place can trigger hidden troubles to manifest, but by itself, it can neither cause nor create suffering; each person would be differently affected by the same place. Another reason we suffer is because we attempt to make the relative truth into the absolute truth, by trying to maintain the status quo in an epoch of change.

Anytime we consider the relative finite as totality rather than a dependent part, then we experience suffering because a part cannot be the whole. We should not try to make the relative into the absolute, but what we should do is to identify with the absolute. And this we can do through the practice of Transcendental Meditation.

From one incarnation to another the mind, senses and soul remain the same. The body does not. So, a human is a combination of absolute and relative. In his ignorance he believes himself to be only one aspect, and that aspect is the relative. However, in meditation, the truth is slowly revealed; that we are really eternal, absolute.

Life moves with the subtle body and death claims the physical body. When we have undergone a complete purification and rectification of all our past mistakes and beliefs, we come to our cosmic mind where the relative truth is merged with the absolute truth.

However, to gain a status of absolute truth through Transcendental Meditation, we must be sincere and have the faith to follow through. Thereby we gain discrimination and the knowledge of the Self and the non-self; knowing that which is supportive of life and that which is not; knowing that we have to gain freedom from desire, absence of cravings and increased detachment from the world of objects. The unconscious levels of the mind become free from gross complexes and subtle desires. We are no longer inclined to actions based on the egocentric demands of the mind; faulty actions are replaced with correct actions; selfishness disappears.

A mind that is attaining a higher level of purification begins to reflect more and more the glory of the Self. It gains an unswerving faith in the Self and the perspective of cosmic consciousness. In this state the mind is free from worries, sorrows, problems and distractions. Tranquility of mind is attained. We gain mastery over the senses. We also gain spiritual strength, endurance and wisdom.

Now we see what is true and what is not true, because we have moved away from relative truth to absolute truth.

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