Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"Anyone wishing to use a barometer to measure his degree of development has only to gauge his own quality and quantity of love as his barometer and he will know exactly where he is on the scale of life."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

Love, A True Expression of Life

Love runs the gamut from love of food to the love of God, and this encompasses humanity from pole to pole. Love is a vibration denoting God at its highest frequency and scales on down in relativity of matter to its common denominator. Any individual at any level of life is capable of expressing opposites in any facet of life. However, some express the negative more often than the positive. At any given level of consciousness in the physical world, the opposites expressed are greater or less, according to the level of consciousness being lived. Human love at its lowest level is expressed as passion, both physical as well as mental. Love expressed through low physical passion with little or no consideration for the other's feelings lacks in sensibilities. But love at a higher physical expression exhibits great consideration for the partner's feelings and a desire to please. The physical relationship also moves from being animalistic to one of loving care.

Love for different things also is expressed in different modes; love of country, love of possessions, mother’s love for a child, and so forth. None is expressed in the same way. Each has its own individual quality of expression, yet it is love. At a low level of consciousness one is quick to express extremes and quick to change feelings, because little or no understanding exists. Such people most always reason from a conclusion instead of to a conclusion. Also, stability in their character is missing. As one grows in consciousness the expression of love turns to a higher and higher expression. No longer is there selfishness; some consideration for others creeps into the person's psyche. A person showing a modicum of love in one aspect of life may show none in other aspects. So, love runs the gamut through all the levels of consciousness, from total selfishness to selflessness. However, in between is a vast gap, a field of garbled expression. However, where love is instilled in a child at an early age, this follows him through all of his life. It is said, where one has love for his mother he will also have love for his wife and children and others.

Love is a force or vibration that sustains the universe. “God is love” is an expression of the highest conceivable vibration in and beyond creation. Love is a positive emotion or vibration that increases in intensity as one evolves. Love causes the negative emotions of life to fall away. One's expression is determined by where and on what and to what degree they put their attention. Positive emotions and selfless expressions of love are natural human expressions and place no tension on anyone, while negative expressions put one under great stress and tension.

One of the great problems of life is that one believes that what he desires is good for the mere reason that he desires it. Such thinking is a fallacy and it is a broken rung on the ladder of life that will not sustain or support anyone who places his weight on it. Life is complex, and it is often very hard to know the good from the evil, because evil has a way of disguising itself as good. We discover the deception and the truth of the situation after we have undergone a bad experience. Hopefully, due to our lack of discrimination we learned a valuable lesson. Yet, it is amazing how so many can experience so much and yet learn so little.

Everyone in life desires to be happy. An exception may be those who, deluded, believe they are happy in their misery. True happiness is an outgoing expression of love; a selfless giving without expecting a given return. While love is the true expression of one's self, it is not something that is sloppy or mushy; it is a quality of great strength and of great endurance. The love of God for His human children is a love of the highest quality and of inconceivable endurance. Love is also all-encompassing: it is gentleness, yet it is firmness; it is giving, yet doing so wisely; it is helping, yet not meddling; it is devotion, yet not fanaticism; it is adoration, yet not being possessive. Love is many things, and in its highest expression it is all things.

As we evolve in consciousness we also grow in love. Love becomes an outpouring of divine qualities. Anyone wishing to use a barometer to measure his degree of development has only to gauge his own quality and quantity of love as his barometer and he will know exactly where he is on the scale of life. Many claiming to be highly developed and highly spiritual still do many unloving things to others and this shows exactly where they really are in spirituality.

The infusion of the Being through our practice of Transcendental Meditation is really the infusion of love and the infusion into ourselves of our divine qualities. This is love. Love as an expression of divinity does not have to be declared by anyone, because it automatically radiates from one. Now, each spoken word is an expression of love and each act is an act of love. So love is the true goal of life because love is eternal. When all else has vanished, love alone will remain in its resplendent glory. Before one can ever hope to stand erect in the light or become eternal or godlike, one must become a living expression of his own highest quality, and this is love and this is also God.

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