Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"The path of yoga develops the mind and controls our emotions by the infusion of God into ourselves."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

The Meaning of Yoga

Yoga means to yoke up, union, union with God or union with your Self. The way out of unconsciousness into divine consciousness is yoga.

At the upper end is God and at the lower end is man. It is man's consciousness that has to climb up the ladder of relative life and into perfect divine consciousness. We can only find true life within ourselves, through our own life and not through the life of another. The one divine Self shines through every individual consciousness. Our minds are lighted by the brilliance of the one Self. The purpose of the ladder of human life is to allow one to raise personal consciousness up to the divine Self, through knowledge and experience.

The word Christ comes from Krishna as does Caesar and Czar. The Western Christian feels toward Christ the same way the Indian feels toward Krishna. In both cases this stands for samadhi, for one in union with the Self experiences Christ. Also, it was Jesus Christ who said, “The Father and I are one.”

The secret truth of the human soul and its infinite possibilities hidden in the human self has down through the ages been known in every part of the world, in the cultures of the Mayans, the Incas, the ancient Egyptians, and the yogis in India for at least six thousand years. Now the main source of truth and spiritual input is from India.

Once one becomes an initiate and starts the meditation process one must be very careful about the rate one increases his consciousness. It cannot be in a great rush. It must be carefully modulated so that the nervous system will have some time to build up its strength to be able to carry new currents of higher vibration. If one forces the nervous system one can have a nervous breakdown or suffer mental derangement. One cannot disregard the body. One must bring it up to a cosmic attunement. However, this cannot be forced. Karma has to be dealt with during the process of creating a more tenuous body.

The path of the Orient is the individual path. The path of the West is the path of cooperation, that is, religion. The East and the West will never come together through trade relations or political relations. They will only come together through spiritual ties which have now to a degree been advanced. Spirituality knows no boundaries or barriers, race, creed or color.

One stepping onto the path of spirituality leaves the path of organized companionship and follows the individual path to Self realization. India could never accept Christianity because they felt that the missionary preached one thing and practiced another, as well as preaching Christ and not even following his teachings.

Western religion starts one out with a large dose of faith and the Indian Master starts one out with a direct experience of God.

The path of yoga develops the mind and controls our emotions by the infusion of God into ourselves. It develops the nervous system and makes the body well and strong. It also makes the mind happy, and a balanced mind fills the body with life-giving currents.

The Transcendental Meditation practice develops will power. The practice also expands one's consciousness.

In the West we call love Christ and the absence of love antichrist. Collectivism is the kingdom of the antichrist and when love is missing, hell prevails. Heaven on Earth is when life is founded on love – “Christ” (let us be aware of the cross others are carrying and when possible help them lift their cross).

There is such a thing as the black magicians who are called Brothers of the Shadows. They are yogis who are proficient in the technique of the lower powers. They are, however, confined within the realm of the intellect and they remain ignorant of the higher truths of existence. Their selfish outlook and evil ways bar them from entering into the deeper and spiritual realms of consciousness, and thus they never acquire true wisdom and spiritual illumination.

When one reaches the level of buddhi or intuition, one comes into the light of buddhi which is the source of wisdom. In this illumination or light which is the source of wisdom, spirituality begins to shed its radiance on the intellect. Illuminated in this manner, the intellect ceases to be a slave of the lower self and becomes a willing instrument of the higher Self. Now, the distortions and illusions associated with the intellect are gone.

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