Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"Knowledge often may be erroneous, but wisdom never is."

                                                                    - Charlie Lutes

Solving the Mystery of Life

The great mystery of life lies in the silence of life. It is in silence that the soul can be heard to speak. It is in the silence that the inner guidance comes. As in the expression that “silence is golden,” in silence the individual falls back on his inner resources and seeks counsel within his own Being. Speech and activity express the outer surface aspect of the human, and the inner silence fathoms the depths of one's own soul.

The more experiences one has in life the wiser one becomes, and the wiser one becomes, the more contained and quieter one becomes. One comes into communication with their spirit and by that process becomes more spiritual, calmer, more contained and less given to unnecessary speech. When such an individual speaks, it is worth listening to him; silence and wisdom go hand in hand.

Knowledge may be erroneous, but wisdom never is. When one speaks in wisdom each quiet word has deep meaning. The best and proven way of the ages to gain wisdom, greater intelligence and true human and godly qualities is through Transcendental Meditation. Transcendental Meditation is the way of silence where one is able to merge human consciousness with universal or supreme consciousness, and thereby greatly increase one's mind, body and soul to ultimately attain a cosmic status. In the process of meditating one adds strength and stability to one's character. Also, in being connected to one's source one moves through life with greater harmony and rhythm and rapidly accomplishes the true plan or purpose of life. One slowly begins to see the truth of life and to understand the inner workings of nature, and knowing this one then strives to keep oneself in tune with nature. One no longer has to rely purely on faith, because one is now experiencing one's Self, the innermost core of one's own Being.

It is said of the Easterner that he takes everything inwardly and holds it there in inactivity and this causes him to become stagnant. The Westerner is full of energy and activity, but takes very little inward. As a result he functions on the surface level of activity, and this usually causes chaos. So, the East must learn from the West and the West must learn from the East, and this will give balance and integration in the world as well as inspired activity.

Another important thing one learns as one experiences the inner life is that the motivating and sustaining force of the universe is love and that humans are a projection of love and that is their true inner nature. Through growth the inner Self begins to express itself in the outer as love, and life for a meditator takes on a new tempo and a new meaning; one of glorious silence and inspired activity. Life is activity and silence is the power of the creative force of the universe. A little silence sustains a great amount of activity. When practicing Transcendental Meditation, one transcends into the field of the absolute. The mind is saturated with the Being, and then coming back into activity the body retains as much as it is able to retain and dissipates the balance.

It is the soul that is the pivot point between the world of spirit and the world of matter, and it is the soul that is the mirror that reflects the spirit side into the physical side of life. However, the soul is mostly clouded over with material vibrations and cannot vibrate fast enough to reflect the spiritual. It is meditation that removes the cloud or veil of ignorance from around the soul. The soul is also the storehouse of the results of experiences gained through the ages and when we become more highly attuned it comes through to us as intuition and as consciousness.

The great turning point in one's life is when one becomes an initiate; steps onto the path of liberation and begins to awaken from the great sleep of materiality to his true immortal and eternal nature.

It is not easy to progress along the path, because the mortal lower self will trick one through sensation, dishonesty, rationalizations and laziness into falling away from realizing the destiny of the Self The lower self, in order to maintain the old glamour-of-matter ways, will put great pressure on one to stop meditating. One has to experience a certain amount of discipline and restriction in order to gain momentum to reach the goal. But even if one falls back to some of his old habits, if he manages to experience enough discipline to meditate regularly, the Being will slowly overshadow the undesirable habits and one by one they will slowly disappear.

Ignorance gives one fear, hate, greed, killing and selfishness. Wisdom gives one peace, strength, humility, love and forgiveness, and a dedication to the fulfillment of the purpose of life. That which for ages was hidden from us is now truth revealed; the mystery of life is now being revealed and unfolded to us and the truth will free us. Then, what we will discover is that it was all the hidden mysteries within our silence that had to be fathomed and revealed; that we alone were the mystery of life that had to be solved by the yoga of self with the Self. For in the subtle self lies the solution to the mystery of the Self. The gross was for appearances and the subtle is for immortality.

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