Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"Some people place all their faith in material wealth and then when it is carried away by one misfortune or another they are devastated and have nothing to fall back on, while others having their faith anchored in God find this is a rock that can withstand any storm of life."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes


Faith is one thing that is most needed in life and something that so many have so little of. It generally follows that persons who have a strong character have strong faith and those of a weak character have very little faith in anything. In the Scriptures it is said, “Ye of little faith.” Faith is a strong conviction in something when little proof is readily available. As little children we are filled with faith. But, as we grow older we lose much of this due to experiences that have destroyed our faith in anything we cannot cognize with our physical senses. It is a sad situation that we are not able to sustain our faith as we go along in life. If we are faithful or filled with faith most of those we gravitate to are also filled with faith and if we are of little faith most of our associates will be of the same nature and they will strengthen our conviction that all people are faithless.

As adults faith is something we should acquire and more so as we grow older in life. We should have an unshakeable faith in God, as an example, and if we do we will gain strength as we go along. If we have no faith we will grow weaker as we go along life’s path. Faith in God will impart the strength and energy of God to us and we will continue to grow in strength and in character. Religion for many ages has become a path of faith because the keys to most religions have become lost and we have not understood the word that has been imparted to us. Faith should become the living word. If we can acquire the experience of God in our daily life it will become the living word. Very little faith is needed if we are able to experience God because fact replaces faith. We can then speak from our experience and no longer have to muster up faith in order to maintain a firm conviction of God.

However, for at least two thousand years faith and the mystery schools have been the only light humanity in the West has had to carry them along on a very dark path. Faith is the one thing, when it is lacking, that leaves humanity with a hopeless outlook on almost everything. Yet on the other hand it is the one thing that has inspired those who have it to rise to the heights. Faith is the one thing that is capable of moving mountains. Also where one has a strong faith in God he also has a strong faith in himself. In order to accomplish almost anything in life we must have the faith of our own convictions.

Often we place our faith in the wrong person or the wrong thing and we become very disillusioned, yet this is the part of life where we learn from our experiences and each time we place our faith in the wrong thing we learn a valuable lesson and this is good. It was a lesson we needed to learn. Some people place all their faith in material wealth and then when it is carried away by one misfortune or another they are devastated and have nothing to fall back on, while others having their faith anchored in God find this is a rock that can withstand any storm of life.

As Transcendental Meditators we are rapidly exchanging faith for experience. We are gaining wisdom. We are beginning to know ourselves and what we know about ourselves is wisdom. When we know about ourselves we also know about God. What it really means is that we experience ourselves and in so doing we experience God. Therefore, we are in touch with total reality and very little faith is required. However, for the masses that have no awareness of the facts of life and their own destiny, faith becomes a necessity for them. People without faith will perish.

Today the curtain is being lifted and many are coming to the West from the East and they are giving out wisdom that the whole world can benefit from. Slowly the experience of God is replacing faith in God. What is now needed is the faith to continue to follow the path of wisdom one has been placed on, even when the lower self tries to get one to forsake the path so it will not have to surrender to the higher Self.

The mind is so constructed that when you show it a way to greater happiness and one begins to experience bliss not too much faith is needed. However, faith can still move the mountains. And continued faith, when it is required by one on the path of liberation, will still be the means to carry that one to eternal liberation.

Faith is always that something that will carry us forward in the face of darkness and doubt. If a mustard seed has faith, a human should be the embodiment of faith. God has always had loving faith in us. So in turn, we should also have total faith in Him. And when we do, we will have faith in our own destiny. Faith is the light in this dark world and we are the ones in these dark days on earth that have been chosen to keep the light burning and cause it to shine brighter until no shadow remains and everyone clearly sees and again walks and talks with God. Then, faith will have at long last served its noble purpose; for humanity will have returned home cloaked in the radiant garments woven by faith.

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