Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"Just Remember,
when the weeding process takes place,
you are the flowers."

                                       - Charlie Lutes

The Coming of the New World

It can be said that our world is really many worlds containing people at various levels of consciousness and behavior patterns, living within different geographical environments. So what may be truth for one level of consciousness and for one environment is probably not true for another.

Some parts of the world reflect more negativity than other parts. Some parts are so negative that they are unable to embody constructive energy of expression. Also, some parts of the world will experience disastrous impacts either from human causes such as wars, and so forth, or from natural causes, such as earthquakes, tidal waves, fires, and so forth.

The earth at the present time is undergoing a cleansing of excess negativity. So, disasters of one nature or another will occur unless there are forces of creativity emerging in a strong fashion to neutralize the destructive forces. If we are in tune with God then a protective shield will surround us and keep us safe.

In this world we experience just what we attract to ourselves, and this is determined by our attitude and by our devotion to God. Those who are in the process of expressing a more enlightened and positive awareness in life, are attracting to themselves only creative and positive experiences. Their world holds no suffering or disaster for them - such is the nature of the world and the nature of nature itself.

At the present time we live in a dual world; one open to experiencing negativity and destruction, the other open to manifesting positive creativity and peace in the world. The coming of the New Age heralds many changes; some radical and some not so severe. These changes, though resisted by many, will come. They will be destructive to many, yet uplifting to others. It will be the end of the world for many, yet the beginning of a new world for many more. If we live the law, the law will support us. If we do not support the law, we will be abandoned by the same law. The first law of creation is the law of love.

In the future there will be many souls who will not be able to incarnate on this planet, for to do so would be to expose themselves to vibrations beyond their ability to withstand. On the other hand, there are numerous higher beings who would like to incarnate upon this earth, only the vibrations at present are too low and too gross for them, because the earth of today has very intense material vibrations of a low nature. The earth of tomorrow will, however, be a vastly different heavenly earth. That is why it will be called, Heaven on Earth.

Many people feel that destruction is a fast way into the New Age, but it is not. It only creates new burdens and in many cases retards our progress. The object is not to destroy the old, but rather to superimpose the new over the old. The earth did not create the low vibrations. The humans did this.

The earth is now in the process of raising its own vibrations so that truly there will be a new heaven and a new earth, and there will come a flood of love that will cover the earth from pole to pole. Those coming into this earth will be high souls, and the path to liberation will be made much easier. Because, then we will have mastered our own human nature and we will be on our way to become masters of nature and ultimately masters of the entire universe.

The prophesies of the scriptures will be fulfilled and there will be a new heaven and a new earth, and a new Jerusalem (meaning spirituality) will descend upon the earth. A new earth of heavenly vibrations will create a new heaven and a new Jerusalem; this means spirituality will descend upon the earth and the devil (meaning negativity and destructive forces) will be chained and cast into the bottomless pit; meaning that where love and spirituality reign negativity and hate cannot co-exist. It is the human who expresses one or the other. In the New Age now upon us, only our God nature will be expressed, and heaven will be on earth for all to love and enjoy. From day to day we will now see the breakups of old patterns and the coming forth of new age patterns that will endure for two-thousand years. It will be very interesting for some and a disaster for others.

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