Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"Spiritual knowledge is not acquired or developed as human knowledge is. It is born in one when the hour is right."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

Will and Desire

If one is constantly negative, one is heading toward trouble. By negative thinking, feeling and acting one creates dark patches and muddy colors in the aura which, in turn, prevents the flow of Godís creative energy from reaching him. Without the light of God, the body starts to manifest various imbalances and one's health and lifespan is compromised. Turning to vitamins, minerals and excess sunlight does not help because the body is primarily sustained by cosmic current.

The human alone, in all of creation, has the power to come face to face with God, because he has in him the spark, the germ of eternal life and the consciousness of the universe. The very principle that gives life also dwells in us and without us; it is undying and eternally beneficent. It is not heard, or seen, or smelled, but is perceived by the one who desires such perception.

All humans on earth have a superior above. This superior, whose inner pleasure is to infuse into them, cannot do this until one has grown to where they step onto the spiritual path, a la Transcendental Meditation. Spiritual knowledge is not acquired or developed as human knowledge is. It is born in one when the hour is right.

Nothing in this world can help as much as a single individual attaining God knowledge. It is then that the ordinary person does nothing, since he is now the prime channel of an infinitely greater wisdom with the power to help, in its purest meaning. Now he has a personality with wisdom and power far beyond ordinary human conception. Now the soul is married to God and this is the peak of mystical life; a miraculous power, a smooth and tireless energy to work for God and human souls as he is destined to do.

To best be able to work with humanity one must be highly spiritual, yet maintain a common touch. Thereby one is better able to communicate at the proper time, not by force and not by fright, but by love.

It is the higher mind that directs the will and the lower mind that turns it into selfish desire. Will is the exclusive possession of the human on this, our plane of consciousness. It is will that divides one from the brute in whom instinctive desire is only active.

Will is the offspring of the Divine, the God in man. Desire is the motive power of the animal life. Most of humanity lives in and by desire, mistaking it for will. However, anyone who desires to make real progress must separate will from desire and make will his ruler, as desire is unstable and ever changing, while will is steady and constant. This is very true when my will is now Thy will.

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