Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"The real answer lies in unlocking and releasing an inner reality that already exists within us in a dormant or untapped state."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

The Purpose of Human Life

As above so below; everything that takes place on the lower planes is a reflection of something far grander and more beautiful on a higher plane. Also, everything that takes place on the lower planes has its impact and influence on the higher planes. Evolution is really the higher and the lower acting and reacting on each other constantly.

There are many things in life which at one time or another are presented to the intellect and the intellect feels these things to be foolish or absurd. This is because the intellect is a very much lower expression of reality, and therefore without the light of intuition, the intellect cannot understand the higher aspects of truth. To the higher evolved person who has a vision of the higher planes, a higher level of truth is revealed. Yet, that same person often fails to understand that what he knows is not received by one of a lower mental status who is limited by the intellect. The trouble lies in evolvement, that is, where is the center of focus of the intellect, and if the consciousness is focused on the personality and not on the individuality, then one only sees and believes in the illusory type of life and nothing beyond. It is not until the personality becomes an appendage of ourselves that we cognize higher truths.

The real point of human life now is to shift the focus of consciousness, which is now situated in the personality, into the individuality and this is what Transcendental Meditation does. Then the personality will take its rightful place as an adjunct, or an instrument for use, on the physical plane. Then we will truly know and live the real, instead of believing the lower body and mind to be all there is. Immortality can never be achieved until we become free and independent of the personality. Our true and eternal home is in spirituality and not in the personality. When we become free and independent of the personality, the focus of consciousness becomes stabilized in the plane of the higher Self. The spiritual unfoldment of the individuality is definitely reflected in the personality, but only to a limited degree since the limitations which are present in the lower planes prevent the full expression of the Being.

The human coming into life is a mixture of physical habits, emotional problems and mental complexes. The human is a diverse character beset by many limitations and unlimited possibilities. However, how much we evolve depends in great part on how well we learn the lessons set up for us in this life. Also, there is a constant interplay going on between consciousness and the vehicles through which it works. This interplay assumes many different patterns, some of which are common to all human beings, while others are peculiar to each individual, and this alone causes much diversity in life. This in turn, finds expression under the controlling aspects of creation, tamas, rajas and sattwa, each aspect acting upon individuals to the degree of their karma in each aspect. Also, during the ongoing action of one's earth life some old karma is worked out or lived out and some new karma which is incurred sets up the karmic confrontations for the next lifetime.

Stability in life is a fundamental attribute of will and will is a reflection of the sattwic aspect of consciousness. When the ananda aspect of consciousness is reflected in the sphere of the personality it gives rise to wisdom. Also, one of the fundamental attributes of wisdom is the perception of unity of life manifesting through all forms. On the higher planes of spirit this perception is direct and clear. But, on the physical plane, in the realm of the personality, this unity is merely sensed and appears as love in different forms. All qualities, such as affection, compassion and devotion are based on this indirect perception of unity.

The character of any individual is always shown in the incomplete spectrum of divine qualities that one shows at his particular stage of development. It is the partial light of consciousness manifesting through an imperfect vehicle that shows where one is in consciousness at one's particular stage of evolution or development. It is the light of consciousness at a particular stage that produces only a partial spectrum of divine qualities, the complete spectrum being in a latent state. Hence, this is why one is said to be going along in a dark tunnel in the absence of light or enlightenment.

So, until one becomes aware of the light, he is seeking the answers to life in darkness and he begets darkness. The real answer lies in unlocking and releasing an inner reality that already exists within us in a dormant or untapped state. This is why at some point of recognition in one's development, one must begin to go within and fathom his inner nature. This is what is referred to as going along in a dark tunnel and then suddenly turning around 180 degrees and facing towards the light and then moving towards the light as rapidly as our vehicle will permit, in whatever state it may be in. Transcendental Meditation turns us around 180 degrees in the tunnel, so to speak. Then our higher nature begins to develop and take control of the lower vehicles. Then, our old habits and limitations drop off one by one and we become changed to new ways and new patterns of a new way of life. That is what is meant by, “Ye must be born again.”

The soul is then able to guide us along the path of light, and more and more physical and mental activities are relegated to the mechanism of the unconscious mind, while the conscious mind is caught up in the spiritual in an ever increasing manner. Many meditators become discouraged because they expect overnight results and as a result many give up thinking that there is nothing certain in such a field of endeavor. They could not be more wrong, “ye of little faith.” They do not realize how much has to be undone and washed or burned away before they can stand vertical in the eternal light, that all of one's vehicles must be brought up to the new keynote and all sound the same high note before great results can be realized here on this earth. For, as we are undoing we are also doing. This is the purpose of human life.

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