Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"In Transcendental Meditation the mind becomes very rapidly charmed or cultured and the disoriented, destructive person becomes a calm, peaceful person and expresses his own true nature of goodness."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

Good and Evil

It can be said of good that, while it functions in the relative, it has absolute qualities and unlimited potential, while evil has rigid restrictions and limitations and no absolute qualities. Everything in creation has two sides and whether it is good or evil depends; for example, powers acquired by the human are white magic when used for good and black magic when used for evil, or control of human lives. Money represents power and like everything else it can also be used for good or evil purposes.

Ignorance does not imply lack of knowledge. One can be very knowledgeable of many things, yet he may be ignorant of the immutable laws of God, or creation. As a result, he must pay a great price for invoking evil instead of good in one or many activities of life. We are responsible for all of our activities, good, bad or indifferent.

Theologians often say that we are born in sin. The truth is that we are born surrounded by sin, and according to the habit pattern we are born with and how evolved we are usually determines whether we will gravitate to evil or to good. We are born in an environment and to parents that will offer the best opportunity and corrective measures to effect a change in our wayward ways, that is, to break our bad habits while we are still malleable. One of the truths of life is that we can only be born when the soil is fertile for our best growth. A cactus will grow in the barren desert, but a delicate flower certainly will not.

At the present time, due to the destructive nature of so many years of war, there are many low souls of a destructive nature who have been born on this earth and who are practicing their demonic and destructive ways. When we sufficiently raise the vibrations of this earth to a higher level, they will rapidly and quietly depart. Then, as higher souls come in, they will bring in still higher souls and heaven will then surely exist on this earth.

The mode of goodness exists on this earth. However, there is no mode of evil because evil is only a byproduct of the mode of ignorance and the mode of passion.

When we attune ourselves to a spiritual way of life we begin to lose all of our lower undesirable qualities. And, as we continue to infuse the Being into our body and mind we take on higher qualities, or spiritual qualities.

Spirituality in one connotes that the spirit, inseparable from us, is now shining through; the God in us is becoming more evident on the surface level of life. We are becoming a living image of God. God is love. And as we express that love and our hearts hold no place for evil, then God and good will increasingly shine through. While in ignorance one destroys and espouses evil, in enlightenment one expresses and creates only goodness. When the mind is filled with bliss, evil is no longer a consideration.

Goodness in a human being is the living proof of the infusion of the lower mind into the higher or universal mind. Whereas, a destructive person is proof there has been no connection made between the lower self and the higher Self. The mind is always seeking happiness and if one is frustrated in this pursuit then the mind dwells on destructive thoughts. Individuals with destructive thoughts begin to see others as obstacles in their path, and in ignorance they resort to destructive means in a futile search for the answer that lies within their own selves. They lash out at the world and at the people whom they resent because they believe that the world and the people in it are against them. The truth is that the real war is that which is going on in their minds.

So goodness and evil are simply products of the mind and in Transcendental Meditation the mind becomes very rapidly charmed or cultured and the disoriented, destructive person becomes a calm, peaceful person and expresses his true nature of goodness.

When evil becomes rampant upon the face of the earth it throws everything in nature out of balance. So, the earth sets about to restore the balance. People then speak of the wrath of God descending upon them and they ask how a God of love can allow destruction in the world. God does not cause this. It is the free-wheeling human who has caused this and the forces of nature are simply setting things back in order. The earth is really the host for human beings and when the guests begin to destroy the home of the host then things have to be adjusted.

When evil runs rampant upon the earth it slows down the vibrations of the earth, which then affects the solar system and this affects the galaxy, and so forth. So, things have to be changed at once, as the whole universe is thrown out of rhythm and timing, and this cannot be endured for too long a time. Sometimes an avatar comes and he destroys the wicked and lifts up the righteous, but only if this is necessary. However, the creator creates out of love and he has infinite patience and understanding of the childlike mind of the humans on this earth who are growing slowly through opposites into a higher mind. They are slowly dropping off their destructive ways so they will eventually become a pillar in the temple of God and goodness, and they then will be the enlightened ones.

As one progresses on the path of liberation one is from time to time tested to see if he has really become fixed in the mode of goodness. This is when one has to really ignore temptation as it is very powerful and exerts a great pull upon the individuality. This test is mostly through sex, money and power. These three are very powerful traps, so they should be carefully avoided. If one is momentarily caught up in one of these traps, he should extricate himself as soon as possible and push on, along the path, with renewed vigor, with his eyes on God and on ultimate freedom.

No one is perfect or he wouldn’t be here. We are still in a human body and as long as we are in the body, good and evil are always prime considerations in life. The one thing to be sure of is the fact that we, as initiates, have been reborn to the spiritual. Therefore, as we continue to meditate we continue to infuse the Being and in doing this we are, day by day, forcing out the impurities in our nature that would continue to bind us. Then goodness becomes a fixed mode of our life and evil vanishes, no longer to trap and enslave us.

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