Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charlie and Helen Lutes
Charlie and Helen Lutes

"When people live in the love and grace of God, they live in beauty, youth, luxury, bliss and in good health."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes


Meditation is the technique or practice used to raise one up from a mundane to a cosmic status. It is the means of going within oneself and reversing oneself on the wheel of birth and death and, in due time, spinning off of the wheel and becoming liberated. This is done by raising the body up to a state of purification and this is not easy, or an overnight process. This calls for a dedication and devotion that is second to none that one, in their trek through life, has ever encountered, or will ever encounter in the future. One is entitled to this privilege only because their karma decrees it; in other words, they have earned the right to come to Transcendental Meditation. Yet again, they may not have earned the right to continue through in this life. However, whatever progress they have made they will not lose.

The path to spirituality is not an easy path as most expect it to be because the nervous system, which is the key, has to be purified. For most of us this is not easy or pleasant. When one starts the regular practice of meditation, one sets up a high vibration in the nervous system and this starts the unstressing in the body and in the mind. The nervous system is so sensitive that anything of an unnatural nature that impinges itself upon the nervous system impacts the nervous system and lowers the vibration in the body. The more the nervous system is stressed, the more it is impacted. Then, when one starts to meditate, one enjoys the good karma one has accumulated. However, when this runs out, be it in a day or in a couple of years, the unstressing starts. This may be just uncomfortable, or it may be extreme and nearly unbearable. But, if one has his sight on the goal, one will go through whatever is necessary in order to reach the goal. Whatever the case may be, it has to be handled individually and not by rote.

It is like playing a tape, for whatever is on the tape will play out until it is finished no matter what is on the tape. Then, when one tape is finished another one starts, and so forth. It is true that if one was a thief and they started to meditate they would for some time be a better thief until this proclivity was burned out. It is no different than a child who is caked with mud and is being bathed and scrubbed. He doesn’t care for the bath or the scrubbing, but it is the end result that counts.

It is the human that is a unit of energy, a transmitting station for solar fire; a radiation that stems from the heart of the sun which evolves all living things that come in contact with it. In the human, who is the highest expression of God on earth, it is the vagus or tenth cranial nerve that is the most receptive to this solar fire or energy, the spiritual fire coming down, the fire of the macrocosm. This fire energizes humans and uses them to express the qualities of love and wisdom. There also is a fire by friction in the center of the earth called the kundalini fire. The human is the focal point of these two fires or forces which play through him and activate his seven centers of light. The kundalini is a negatively charged energy which is activated by the positively charged energy, the spiritual fire, which is located in the central spiritual sun.

It is said that at a propitious time kundalini hears the call of her mate and rises from her cave in the base of the human spine to meet him. The kundalini fire is aroused as a final step in one's spiritual development, and it can only travel up a clear, pure channel, activating the chakras as it goes. While this is happening, the latent powers within one are also coming into full expression in a natural way. It is the way that one through many rebirths, and now rapidly through meditation, moves from mortality to immortality.

We are now entering the Age of Aquarius, an age which will feature group expression, group meditation, an age of spirituality, an age of spiritual science, and so forth. The Age of Aquarius will also be the age of preparation for what will become in the Age of Capricorn a time when an enormous amount of humanity will be ready and will come to meditation and will meditate in large groups regularly. This will be possible because most of humanity will have good karma, minus much of the bad karma and adharma that so much of humanity now has. It is the bad karma that keeps so many from entering onto the spiritual path, and if they do approach the path, in a short time they fall away. Maharishi frequently stated. “They fall away because they do not have the good karma to continue meditation.” Also, this is what is meant by, “Many are called, but few are chosen.”

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