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Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

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Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes (10/23/1912 - 12/7/2001)
His Light Still Shines!

"To truly love God one must experience God, and this is the path of Transcendental Meditation."

                                                                                                        - Charlie Lutes

The Experience of God

Most people who proclaim that they have put their trust in God do so only when it is convenient, or they feel that it is necessary to do so. They are, in reality, giving lip service and not involving their hearts. Many use God as a convenience and then they wonder why nothing very good ever happens in their lives.

God’s gifts are always there, to be given. But, individuals must make a channel between themselves and God and this is only done through the heart. This is not an overnight transition. It takes time to culture the heart and to learn to love with the mind. To truly love God one must experience God, and this is the path of Transcendental Meditation.

We cannot gain an intellectual understanding of God, no matter how hard we try, because all we can ever gain is an imagination of God. To truly place our faith and love in God we must first truly know our Selves and learn to be Self-masters and completely Self-governed.

The more you trust God and depend upon him, the more God trusts you and then responds to your trust, and your needs are fulfilled. When this happens your love grows greater and greater. At this point the heart is cultured and one's love pours out in adoration and one asks for nothing, one only desires to be worthy of such love and care as God bestows upon one. Also, one's needs are thereby miraculously met.

For sure our love will be tested and it is not God testing us. At all times we must persevere and not lose faith as so many do when the tests come. We must learn not to be resentful if our desires are not fulfilled, because our desires may not be good for us, even though in our ignorance we believe that they are.

We are not talking about a religious way of life where the shepherd guides us along the path. We are talking about a spiritual way of life where we are learning to switch to God in total devotion and in turn become Self-guided. It is only in the spiritual way of life that we are able to succeed in overcoming life and gain an eternal cosmic status. Always remember that God has greater plans for us than we have for ourselves, and God is always eager for us to establish union with him.

The great enemy of spiritual progress is always doubt, which undermines our spiritual growth and nullifies our efforts if we allow this to happen. So, this is where our devotion comes in and if we are truly devoted, we will always be successful. So, behind our trials and efforts reside devotion, sincerity and great faith.

Too many associate God with faithless, doubting humans. Real and enduring faith is acquired when the lower mind has been irradiated with the light of the buddhic, because it then reflects the realities of the inner life into our minds. Hence, we no longer harbor doubts. Those who have not reached the light of buddhi are still beset with doubts and misgivings and do not really know what is right and wrong action. So, if anyone thinks that doubt is part of spiritual growth, they belong back with the intellectuals where doubt plays a predominant part in their lives, as they are not yet ready for true spiritual growth.

Meditators who lose faith drop their meditation and go back to their old way of contemplation and a feeling of mental superiority, even though many mentally accept the validity of the meditation practice, but not wholeheartedly. The heart and mind must be in accord on the path of spirituality; like a matched team of horses that pull together and do not pull against each other. This comes in due time with our practice, if we are regular in our efforts.

Everyone must grow into truth, but most are not ready to do so. It is said that the best protection that inner truth has is the skepticism that people have. As the scriptures say, “and a small child shall lead them” because a small child has great faith and the adult has very little.

To become spiritual one must become righteous. We must become motivated to do and say what we know in our hearts to be right and in right-doing, or living this type of life, we are constructing the clear channel to the buddhic from whence pure truth and light flowers. Only when we know what is right and true are we able to perform right action. Right action can only be right when it has the right perception and the right motivation. The more we perform from right perception, the more virtuous we become and the way becomes much easier. Life no longer goes in jerks and stops, but now runs smoothly. We are able to live a virtuous life and remain in activity, because the key to success is not the activity itself, but rather what we identify with while we are active.

The importance of gaining and living a spiritual, virtuous, disciplined and intuitive life is that as we grow into higher states of consciousness we begin to acquire powers, and if we are not stabilized or grounded in spirituality we are likely to misuse these powers for our own personal ends and we will incur terrible binding karma. So many people wonder why they have such terrible karma, not knowing what they have been into in a past life, the effects of which they are working out in this life and in some cases many lives to come.

Unless we have spiritual infusion we cannot gain or maintain any contact with the buddhic. The mind functions best in a state of calmness, which for our purposes is necessary at all times. We cannot be beset with inner conflicts which keep the mind disturbed and makes it impossible to remain calm and peaceful.

Also, people of high vibration seek out places of high vibrations. Evil, on the other hand, operates at its best in low vibrations. Anyone of high vibration who comes into low vibrations would not feel comfortable and they would quietly leave such an area and seek out the place or activity of higher vibrations. Likewise, people of low vibrations do not feel comfortable in areas of high vibrations. So, everyone seeks their own level, whatever that level may be. A dull mind functions best in dull, gross surroundings and a high, spiritually activated mind functions best in finer, subtle surroundings.

The things we must rise above are lower desires that must be worked off in the lower worlds, and which keep us bound to the wheel of birth and death. For every action there must be a motive and it is the motive that binds us. All desires do not have to be eliminated, only the lower ones. We can and must have spiritual desires, and above all the desires to experience God and to be motivated to perform action in the love of God for personal and for worldly good. This, in turn, gradually grows into selfless love and we then become a channel for His love and light to flow through us. We then realize that the Father has never forgotten his beloved. It is only we, caught up in matter and a material world, who have for ages forgotten the Father.

In our case, as initiates who are infusing the Being, devotion to the practice is the key to a cosmic status. No matter how hard we may try to overcome the glamour of matter, we will fail to reach the goal because the lure of matter is too great. However, because we are able to transcend the field of relativity and go to the field of the Absolute, and thereby begin the process of the infusion of Being into our human nature, the Being eventually overshadows the material world and frees us of its binding influence.

This process is mostly automatic, but what is not automatic is devotion, desire to be, dedication, steadfastness and, above all, the true love of and desire to experience God. This is the way, and as it says in the scriptures, many are called, but few are chosen. Many will start, but few will follow through. We will know we are successful when we are able, in our daily lives, to see God in everything and everything in God. We will then be on our way to becoming spiritual people who have earned an immortal status for eternity.


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