Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"When consciousness becomes able to turn inwards the result is the elimination of all obstacles in life."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

Way of Life

What is rooted deep in the human consciousness is identification with the body-vehicle and the fear of birth and death. This identification only leaves the individual when he has risen into the realm of spirit or pure consciousness, when one no longer incarnates into the relative world. This is the state arrived at when the devotee’s consciousness, going into more and more intense forms of ecstasy, is ultimately united with divine consciousness forever.

The first intimation of the un-manifest is the word going out into space, creating the manifest. And, this is the word “om.”

It is the word or mantra that gives one an experience of the presence of the intangible in the tangible, or the un-manifest in the manifest, or the transcendental in the relative. When one turns away from the manifest to the un-manifest one has then moved away from the extension of consciousness to the expansion of consciousness; this marks the great departure from the extension to the expansion of consciousness. Yoga is mostly concerned with the expansion of consciousness. As such it differs from the usual moral and religious pursuits, as they seek to bring about extension of consciousness. Yoga enables one to come to a meditation of the mind, or expansion of consciousness.

The transcendental cannot be seen, it can only be experienced, and meditation creates a sensitivity of consciousness where one becomes able to experience the absolute in the relative. This is also called bliss. The consciousness must become sensitive enough to experience the voice of the silence, the soundless sound. In listening to it, the consciousness is rendered utterly pure and infinitely sensitive. When consciousness becomes able to turn inwards the result is the elimination of all obstacles in life. However, most of humanity’s consciousness is turned outwards; functioning only on the periphery of life with only a fragmented view of life, but one must move from the periphery to the center. The mind must move from activity to silence in tune with the voice of the silence. To accomplish this, a vibration must be set up which effects this, hence, our mantras. The mind must travel from the circumference to the center and this is where one has a vision of the whole. In this vision the obstructions of life are eliminated and the whole comes into view. This is the meaning of, “the veil is rent asunder.” There is now a total attention of the mind, for the mind is charmed and it is now one with the voice of the silence. Now one has also a vision of the timeless, of the now of eternity.

The obstructions or obstacles of life are the distractions caused by disease, dullness, doubt, carelessness, laziness, cravings, delusions, non-attainment of a desired object and unsteadiness. The symptoms of a distracted mind are morbid thoughts, boredom, nervousness and hardness of breathing. Behind these bodily and mental habits lies the reason for the obstacles in life.

It takes far more than a mental attitude to correct these conditions. One may for a time, by resolute discipline, keep these symptoms under suppression, but at the slightest letdown they will pop up to plague us. The only freedom is to allow these pressures to be released through Transcendental Meditation. Just the release alone would be too great a mental or physical anguish to bear. But with Transcendental Meditation we also have the infusion of the Being to give us strength and courage to proceed on the path of reconstruction. One cannot treat the effects to remove the cause; such is concentration on suppression of the symptoms. One must go to the seat of the cause and eliminate the cause. Often, the cause is so deep rooted that it takes time and devotion to effect the total removal.

In Transcendental Meditation one does not have to understand the problem to solve the problem, and this is why Transcendental Meditation is called an automatic process to enlightenment.

When the release of the obstacles of life has been accomplished is when all of heaven falls in on one. The bliss is then experienced in its own pure nature and not alongside of pain and suffering. One then becomes dynamic and balanced in life. A new approach to human relationship opens up. The devotion to God grows stronger each and every day and the desire for liberation outweighs all other considerations in daily life.

Virtue is spiritual attainment and vice is the total lack of it. Just as happiness and misery is a material projection, so inner peace, inner calm and bliss is the result of spiritual attainment. Ego is the projection of materiality and humility is the loss of ego, or spiritual attainment. You cannot of yourself change a person who is locked into the relative life, but you can create a vibration around yourself that will uplift those in contact with you. People are attracted to a naturally happy person and repelled from an unhappy person. It is all a matter of vibration coming up from that person. Also, it is said that a materially prosperous person has no real friends, because most people he comes in contact with envy him or are jealous of him and desire to exploit him if at all possible. Wealth attained in life is said to be a burden, and there are numberless persons who are more than willing to lift that burden from you. So, as a result, most of a prosperous person’s relationships are relationships of usage.

What is needed in this world is an understanding of one another that surpasses all else; then peace and prosperity would truly reign on this earth. It is hard for someone living in one strata of society to understand someone living in different strata. To correct this, understanding has to be born and with this comes tenderness and giving without thought of reward. Also, people in the lower strata should be brought up as much as possible, at least so no one starves or suffers. The great success in this world is spiritual success and not material success, yet most of society does not understand this.

To show a real regard or consideration for those who have failed or fallen and to make them feel at ease in our company shows great spiritual growth. Most people look down upon such people, because they feel self-righteous, and there is no failing greater than self-righteousness and there is nothing as immoral as moral superiority. This is why virtue comes from experiencing God and from becoming spiritual, or integrated. So, virtue is not an attitude, rather it is a vibration that overflows from one, which is natural and spontaneous and is never conditioned or controlled. Again, one may cultivate a virtuous pattern, but it is a pattern devoid of any fragrance or culture.

One who comes into harmony with the laws of nature has no real problems in life, because nature now supports him and he in turn supports nature. However, for those who are on the path and have not as yet resolved all of their problems, it is incumbent upon them to take action and solve their own problems and not lay back and say God will solve them for me. God is not in the personal problem solving business. However, he does help those who help themselves.

Virtue can be a vice, but vice can never become a virtue, while spirituality is above all. Those who are on the spiritual path and are dedicated will truly walk and talk with God. For they are the ones who have walked the razor’s edge and have gained the goal of life and moved into eternal life.

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