Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charlie Lutes and Brahmachari Sattyanand
Charlie Lutes and Brahmachari Sattyanand

"One must destroy the dragon of ego with the sword of truth. One can only accomplish this through Transcendental Meditation, no matter what others say!"

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

The Atman

To overcome the chains of bondage of this world one must no longer follow the ways of the flesh and no longer cling to and follow the worldly ways. As long as one pursues the worldly ways, the truth of reality will not be born in him. Begin to think of yourself as Brahman and not as the body. Start reading the scriptures and their meaning will slowly unfold to you.

Through your practice of Transcendental Meditation you will gain direct experience of the truth of life; you will unfold the truth of yourself. The I-consciousness, which is deeply rooted in you, must be merged into the Atman which is absolute consciousness, knowledge, existence and bliss. The whole goal of life is to become united with the absolute forever.

Being earthly creatures, we totally identify with the earth. At such a time when we begin to identify with the absolute, sooner or later, we will become absolute. Our earthly orientation and the absolute are both within us and it is only a matter of which we wish to follow. As long as we remain in ignorance we will continue to follow the earthly way of life. As we become more enlightened we begin to seek the absolute and the eternal way of life. We are like an actor playing a part and then believing we are really the character in the play and living as if we were. The Atman is the witness of the ego and it is always present even when we are in deep sleep. The Atman is changeless and eternal and is the knower of all that is changeable.

One's life of bondage to the world of birth and death has many causes, but the root cause lies in the ego; the first born of ignorance. The very opposite of the ego sense is liberation and once freed from this ignorance, one then regains his true nature, which is absolute pure bliss consciousness. The ego must be destroyed before one can gain liberation and one of the last hard lessons of life that one must learn is humility.

As joy is our true and real nature, so anger, hate and greed are not our true nature. We only act in negative ways out of ignorance, or darkness, of the mind. The slaying of the dragon, as spoken of in olden times, was simply the true faithful going forth to slay the ego and the lower self within themselves; Sir Galahad, the good and Sir Mordred, the evil, locked in the mortal combat of life. The only cause of one's bondage is his own self. One must destroy the dragon of ego with the sword of truth. One can only accomplish this through Transcendental Meditation, no matter what others say!

The more one satisfies his cravings in the objective world, the more intense his cravings become. When self control is lost and disciplines fall away, cravings then control one's life. One is then dwelling only upon sense objects. As you cease to dwell on sense objects the cravings will be destroyed. And, when all cravings are finally gone then one is liberated. The thirst for life in the ego has now vanished. The objective world is now gone from your thoughts and your mind now dwells in the Divine, absorbed in the Atman.

The reason Transcendental Meditation accomplishes this is because the practice of transcending charms the mind and brings the mind to Being. And as the Being is infused into the mind the Being overshadows all earthly desires. After some time of constant infusion, the mind no longer dwells on the mundane, but begins to fasten more and more on God. Our attention is now on becoming liberated and gaining for ourselves a cosmic status. The unnecessary things that we were so long bound up in we now view with indifference. We are still in the world, but now we no longer identify with all the sense cravings that for so many ages kept us in bondage. The darkness of the mind is now being replaced by increasing light. We now see human life as life really is and has always been; the training ground for gaining knowledge and experience in order to acquire a full and lasting eternal life divine, with a divine mind.

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