Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"All life is meant to be lived in happiness, only the human has created his own suffering by his own actions."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

The Law of Rhythm

The human actually lives one continuous life, only it is broken up in segments here on this earth. Each segment consists of the living out of a plan that was conceived before we arrived here. The plan is set according to our desires, our karma, our dharma and our level of consciousness, or development, achieved during past trips here on earth. The law of rhythm and the law of compensation alone guarantee reincarnation. However, these laws are little understood. The prime factor in the law of rhythm in creation is that in everything is manifested a measured movement, a swing forward and backward; the ebb and flow of the tide, the swing of the pendulum, the in-breathing and the out-breathing, and so forth. No one law in nature operates independently from the other laws. All are related one to the other, just as the law of rhythm is closely connected to the law of polarity. It is the law of rhythm that operates between the two poles of the law of polarity, or law of opposites. The one clear manifestation of nature is that for every action there is an equal reaction, and this applies to all things including individual karma. The rise and fall of nations is part of this also.

The human, on a large scale, is very much affected by mood swings. This in turn, is pretty much determined by the level of consciousness of the individual. Anyone at a low level of consciousness is at the bottom of the pendulum and subject to extreme swings, while someone of a high consciousness would be subject to very little swings, since he would be much higher up the arm of the pendulum. Simple children of nature are exhilarated one moment and the next moment they are plunged into a deep depression and this is mainly due to the constant operation of the law of rhythm.

The main thing is to become stabilized so one is not nearly so much subject to mood swings. We can discipline ourselves to a certain degree. But, in a dramatic or a traumatic situation, discipline does not sustain us. The only real means of accomplishment is to infuse the Being into the nature of our minds, to the degree that the relative is completely overshadowed. Thereby, although the pendulum continues to swing, we are no longer at the bottom, or subject to the great arc.

Along with the law of rhythm comes the law of compensation, which is the counterbalancing effect in nature. That is to say, that the swing in one direction determines the swing in the opposite direction. When one is able to remain stabilized, no matter how great the swing, one is then said to be applying the law of neutralization. When one realizes what slaves to moods and emotions the mass of humanity is caught up in, then one can really appreciate those who have mastered emotions. Most people, while thinking how happy they are, are at the same time moving towards the opposite, and the less evolved one is, the faster he moves towards, and the more often he is caught up in, the opposite. One thing that causes violent swings in moods and feelings is jumping to conclusions instead of finding out the truth of a situation first. Very often one totally misunderstands the real nature of the problem, or situation, and then creates an emotional storm completely unnecessarily.

People for ages have been controlled by the rise and fall of the tides of emotion within themselves without ever knowing the cause of such mental phenomena. Even barometric pressure in nature affects our moods; high pressure, high moods, and low pressure, low moods. We may rise above mood swings, but the principle always remains the same. Another factor in life is that, in the law of compensation, anyone who enjoys greatly is also subject to extreme suffering. Also, anyone who only feels little pain also experiences little joy. Then again, one has to have the mental capacity to enjoy and also to suffer. So, according to how developed we are mentally, so is our capacity to enjoy altered; but in any case the capacity for the one is balanced by the same capacity for the other. This is the law of compensation in operation.

This law carries over from one life to another. One may be experiencing great pleasure in this life as compensation for great suffering in another life. This is true because of our chain of lives being continuous. Therefore, the truth of reincarnation becomes very evident. However, in any one of our lives here on earth, it is possible to escape the swing towards pain by the process of infusing the Being. All life is meant to be lived in happiness, only the human has created his own suffering by his own actions, for what one has put into motion must be effected. However, as an initiate, one has been moved in the stream of evolution, so that his karma, or suffering, is greatly modified.

Generally in life, what one has in one department, he lacks in another department. Hence, the balance is maintained. The thing that one gains is always paid for by what one loses. The rich possess much in life that the poor lack, while the poor often possess things beyond the reach of the rich. The law of compensation is ever in operation, always balancing and counterbalancing. And, in time, it is always successful, even though it may take several lifetimes here on earth for the return swing of the pendulum of the law of rhythm to catch up with us. The thing necessary is for one to gain such a state of an absolute nature that one is little affected by the swing of the pendulum, and that one gains a state where he is truly the master of his fate and the captain of his soul. As long as we are on the wheel of birth and death, we are subject to all the laws that control or govern the wheel. We may for sure move from the rim of the wheel, which is hell, to the hub of the wheel, which is heaven. But, our objective is to escape the wheel entirely, and this is called liberation. The path of Transcendental Meditation provides the infusion of Being, and escape from the wheel of necessity.

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