Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"It is said of all religion that it starts in great noise and activity and culminates in silence. Transcendental Meditation starts in silence and culminates in cosmic consciousness."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

Guidance in Life

It is the human who is called the microcosm of the macrocosm which means he is a universe in miniature. Therefore, the visible is a replica of the invisible. There is a constant interaction between the visible and the invisible, although most of humanity is unaware of this. Animals, as an example, represent, according to the species, specific forces. But the human, as a higher expression, represents all of these forces. He is a very complicated creation whose mind has unlimited potential and he possesses enormous dormant faculties and untapped and unused powers.

The mind of humans, having such power, should always be guided by spiritual vision. The mind should not be used to enslave and destroy others as well as to destroy the individual. Many ask that if the human is a divine creation, why he wandered from being constructive to becoming destructive. The reason is that the human, being the focal point of great opposing forces, found that the struggle to maintain balance, or equilibrium, was very difficult, if not virtually impossible. Therefore, he has had to fall back on something greater than himself, such as God (the Father) and the Holy Scriptures that pointed up the way. The human learned early in his journey through life that disobedience to the laws of God or the laws of creation caused him misery; that if he allowed himself to drift, he drifted into suffering; and that it required his constant effort to keep himself on a true course.

In the beginning there was the One, the all pervading, from which sprang forth the two, referred to as light and darkness, male and female, negative and positive. And these two polarities are contained in everything in creation. Then from the two sprang forth the three. So God is called the trinity. In religion it is called, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, or Father-Mother principle and Son. So, the son, or human being, made in His image consists of spirit, soul and body. And when you incorporate the mind and thinking principle, you have spirit, mind, soul, and body. The spirit you might define as the eternal aspect of the human (the spark from the eternal flame), the soul as being composed of thoughts and feelings, the mind as the thinking principle and the body as the focal point, or vehicle, of experience.

When the human forgets his relationship with God, he forgets who he is, why he is here and where he is going. When the human becomes separated from God in his consciousness, he goes from bad to worse and thereby develops a sense of separateness with resulting deterioration. This applies to nations and races as well.

There have always been those who come as prophets, regenerators, avatars, teachers, and so forth, to point up the way and to bring commandments and laws to guide humanity along the path of life. Also given to humanity have been the Scriptures, only they have been couched in a symbolic code language in order to protect them as well as the ones reading them. Truth must be given gradually as one grows into and is able to receive the truth. As an example, many refer to the Bible as the word of God, yet they have no understanding as to its true meaning. There are great hidden mysteries in all scriptures that pertain to the spiritual life, hidden in symbolism, parables and allegories. As one studies the Scriptures, and this includes all Scriptures, the meaning is slowly made known.

Because the human is caught up in so many facets of life, he needs clear guidance in order to find his way through the maze of life. The way is not easy, and clear guidance is a real necessity of life. Guidance is given in various ways in order to help all humans regardless of their level of consciousness.

It is said of all religions that they start in great noise and activity and culminate in silence. Transcendental Meditation starts in silence and culminates in cosmic consciousness.

The roads of life go in two directions, toward greater enslavement or toward eventual freedom. At a point of investigation all roads look the same, so that is why road markers must be very clear. If we journey down the wrong road across the desert of life, it is a long way back to the still waters and green valley. We do, however, have the ability to go within ourselves and transcend ourselves and begin to use our own built-in compass for unerring guidance to the true destination on the road of life.

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