Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"Spirituality is not something to be imagined, it is something to be gained slowly and very naturally through the practice of Transcendental Meditation."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes


Spirituality is that something that is born in humanity when the light of hope and faith has nearly gone out. Spirituality is that something that is our natural heritage and also our natural state. Spirituality must be earned. It cannot be purchased at any price. It is not a state of mood making or pretense. It is the true state of reality, the true state of Being.

The real failure to acquire spirituality is the failure of humanity to recognize God as God, the Supreme Being, and also to recognize the oneness.

It was the human being who was created equal and created in the image of God, but we most certainly are not born equal. The failure to understand this fact of life has caused many wars and considerable confusion in the world. The lesser in life often demand what the greater has spent many ages earning and is now enjoying as his good karma. However, this demand is through ignorance rather than through any enlightenment.

Those who are more enlightened should ease the suffering of the underprivileged as much as possible. Those mostly of the mode of passion are the ones engaged in charitable pursuits as this is part of their passion and they have the money and the time to devote to this endeavor. Generally speaking, those in the mode of ignorance are the ones needing assistance, whereas those in the mode of goodness usually understand karma quite thoroughly and as a rule are more withdrawn from society in full pursuit of spirituality.

The pursuit of spirituality is a selfish pursuit for selflessness. Spirituality is not one personís destiny or heritage. It is the heritage of all humans. We were created with this heritage and the only ones who could deny us this would be ourselves, bent on a pursuit of self-destruction.

However, self-destruction is virtually impossible for as we grow tired of pain and suffering we will, at some point, turn around and seek inner guidance. One does not make one great leap into spirituality; one must, by degrees, grow into it. This is why evolution is such a slow process. The process is going from being mindless to a state of cosmic consciousness, and this takes a long time for humanity to accomplish.

The process involves the soul taking on body after body, and each body becomes a little more highly attuned and of better quality than the last one. We grow from a brute animal nature to a God nature. Each lifetime we become less physical and a little less connected with the earth.

At first we are totally earthly and as we grow we become more and more ethereal until, at long last, we no longer have any earthly connections. All the desires of this world - worldly desires - are gone. They have been burned out of us. That is to say, the thoughts coming into our minds no longer make a deep impression in the mind. The mind is no longer caught up in thoughts that become desires that continue to bind us to the earth, or to the wheel of birth and death. Then, it is no longer necessary for us to take another body on this earth since there are no desires to be fulfilled.

Spirituality is not a mood to be gained. It is a natural infusion of superior energy into inferior energy. As the infusion continues through our daily practice of Transcendental Meditation, we become more and more eternal and less and less temporal. The mind changes and the body changes. The body is purified so that it can carry higher and higher vibrations without breaking down, or as an electrician would say, blow a fuse or short circuit. The body and its density have to become more etheric, that is, less dense; which means it can vibrate at a higher and higher rate and sustain that rate without strain or great effort, and that is spirituality.

It is said that one would probably gain a state of cosmic consciousness and not know it, since the body ever so slowly gains a higher state of purification and this is its natural state. The natural state does not produce a contrast; an unnatural state does this. As our minds become more and more infused with the Being through our daily practice of Transcendental Meditation, we grow into our natural state. So, spirituality is totally natural to a human and not unnatural as some seem to believe.

Spirituality is not something to be imagined, it is something to be gained slowly and very naturally. Also, when we leave this world, the only thing we have to pay the gate keeper with, to enter the higher subtle world, is spirituality. So, the more spirituality we acquire the better off we are. If one were to sum up the whole purpose of humanity, the whole thrust of creation, it could be explained in one word, spirituality.

What the early human had was an individual or individualization of mind, without divine mind. So, the spark, struck off from the divine flame, had to be given a means and method to acquire a divine or totality of mind. So, the son, or individual prodigy of the father was sent off to school. The same as happens here on earth; the children are sent off to school and when they are grown they have acquired a degree and are now considered to be educated. Then, they return home and set about to apply their knowledge in the world of experience. They in turn, do the same thing for their children as their father did for them.

The same thing applies when one graduates from the school of life and returns to his Father in his home of the Absolute world. The only difference is that in this earthly relative world things are very transient and nothing is permanent or fixed as it is in the real world of the absolute.

Returning home with divine mind one applies his knowledge to absolute pursuits as has been done for time beyond time.

No man in this world really educates himself; he is educated by someone who in turn was educated by someone before him. The main thing in life is that law and order must be maintained, for the student cannot be allowed to destroy the purpose of the school. So karma maintains the status quo, or keeps everything in balance. For those who must now be governed must in turn become self-governed, and this is spirituality.

The human has always been of the spirit, only finally he has become spiritual and that is the end thrust of evolution. The spark has become the eternal flame.

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