Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"When one becomes realized one does not simply know Brahman. One is Brahman. One is existence. One is full knowledge. This is not something to be gained or found or attained. It is a state of becoming what one already is."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes


The one and only thing that most of us really know is that we exist. We are aware that we are conscious. But, we are not aware of the nature of this consciousness, or of our existence. As we delve into this what we find is that the ego sense is not true reality. We find that there is something beyond this. We call this something, Brahman. Brahman, being a word, does not disclose the nature of the thing we are searching for. In order for us to know something, we must obtain objective knowledge of it and this knowledge would be relative and in the framework of time, space and causation.

We cannot really know Brahman, which is absolute consciousness, because absolute consciousness is knowledge itself. Brahman is the source of all knowledge; it is the knower, the knowledge and all that is known. Being this, it is independent of time, space and relativity. We as humans are trying to understand the absolute aspect of Brahman while we are in the relative and this is not possible. What one is doing is trying to be aware of what one already is and has always been. We cannot succeed because this awareness is not an aspect of consciousness, but is consciousness itself.

When one becomes realized one does not simply know Brahman. One is Brahman. One is existence. One is full knowledge. This is not something to be gained or found or attained. It is a state of becoming what one already is. That which has to be pierced and overcome is the maya or ignorance.

We are really eternal beings. We are Brahman and only our ignorance of this fact separates us from this knowledge. Union with Brahman or transcendental consciousness cannot be disclosed by scientific investigation since such research depends upon sense perception and Brahman is beyond the senses.

You can only know your true nature (Brahman) by transcending the whole field of relativity and begin to infuse the Absolute into your own relative nature. As we infuse the Being, this is called spiritual gain.

There are various paths of tradition that have been followed in order to gain union with Brahman. The end goal of all paths is to annihilate the ego sense and to establish the “I” (higher Self) principle in order to be freed or liberated. It is through karma that we are able to transcend karma and experience the Absolute.

Only when one is transformed and becomes a seer can he see all creatures and objects in their true relationship to the Absolute. He sees that it is nothing but Brahman; utter consciousness, pure knowledge, pure bliss. Having achieved this, he has experienced all that there is to experience.

To achieve this is not that easy. There are pitfalls and lures along the way and only with faith and devotion will one reach the goal. Because the goal is so great and gives eternal life of pure bliss, is the way made so hard. This is the reason it is so hard to achieve human birth. And strength of body and will is still harder to obtain. Purity is still harder to attain. Yet harder than all of these is the desire and ability to obtain and live a spiritual life. The hardest of all, however, is to understand the scriptures.

The final goal, union with Brahman, is why we have lived millions of lives. As meditators, at long last on the path of liberation, you can see how far we have come and how vital and all important this life is. “Many are called, but few are chosen.” Those who are really God’s chosen people are the meditators who have chosen God. Those who will gain liberation are the ones who, by their own inner faith and devotion, will allow nothing to turn them from the path they are now on, or cause them, for even one second, to stop their process of daily purification. When this comes first and all else comes second, then and only then is the real purpose of life being lived in order for it to be outlived.

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