Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"Misery and happiness is a self-creation and this continues until one becomes Self-realized and one’s will has merged with the Divine will."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

Free Will and Predestination

Two of the truths of creation are free will of human beings as well as predestination, and both have their parts to play in the evolving universe. There is a divine plan and there is the divine will behind it, which implies that there is a degree and form of predestination. However, in the working out of the divine plan there is elasticity and considerable latitude for the monads that are evolving in the universe, and this means that there is free will for the soul.

In the early stages of development free will expressing itself as desire brings its own pleasant and unpleasant consequences. By this process the individual learns very gradually to operate in accordance to the divine will, or Thy will and not my will. Accordingly, misery and happiness is a self-creation and this continues until one becomes Self-realized and one's will has merged with the divine will.

It is also obvious that there is a co-existence of predestination and free will, and in the overall plan of creation there are adjustments, delays and complications that are part of a phenomenal universe with legions of monads working in it.

In the cosmic plan the whole universe, or any particular system such as a solar system of which there are millions, is present in the archetypal, complete, integrated form. This is worked out in the perfect expanded form in the divine mind of the Logos. There is elasticity and allowances in bringing the plan to completion. However, with the pressure of divine will behind it and the divine wisdom to guide it, the plan is completed as it is present in the divine mind.

The monads are part of the divine life, but for their evolution and unfoldment they must work under illusions and limitations, such as a barely developed mind in the early stages of evolution. As a result, there are all kinds of complications and delays. The Logos, in working out his plan is not alone. Rather, he is taking all the monads along with him. These wills of the undeveloped monads is what leads to the departure and to delays from the divine plan. However, this is anticipated and compensated for in the divine plan. This is also why evolution is ever so slow. Nevertheless, each monad has all eternity to evolve. Since each monad is the same yet different, individuals create habit patterns which they will inevitably follow, which neither time, nor place or circumstance rarely changes.

Infusion of the Being is the only sure way a change can be made, and even so, this is often very hard for the individual. The unfolding of the universe is a cooperative process in which all monads also take part, each according to his individual characteristics and stage of evolution. Both free will and predestination have their part to play in the evolving universe.

All individuals while on this earth seek happiness, but misuse of free will often brings unhappiness. But this unhappiness causes one to gradually learn to work according to the divine will; usually when this happens one is on the path.

This world as a temporary world of illusion can at best only reflect the different stages of the great plan in an imperfect form. The plan is present in its perfection and in its eternal form in the divine world which is above time and space. We cannot conceive the transcendental form of the divine world because it is too far beyond us for us to envision it at the density we live in.

Spirituality is simply purifying this mortal body so that it is able to become receptive to more and higher subtle vibrations. The wheel of birth and death locks one into this earth and, as no one can outstrip the wheel, one has to go within himself in order to reverse himself on the wheel. It is the acquiring of higher and higher vibrations that spins one off of the wheel. Then one is able to perceive the grand plan in its perfection as one then no longer sees imperfect shadows, one after another, for one has broken through the barriers of the intellect and stands face to face with God himself.

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