Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"Most of humanity does not realize that this is a physical lesson world, a world of the dream where humans act out their dreams in a world of sleep-walkers."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

The Gaining of Soul Mastery

The unfolding human soul is the spark fallen from whence it was created into the physical, emotional and mental worlds and is, through the lessons of the lesson world, slowly trying to mature into the flame. It does this through the process of evolution and initiation. The soul must reach a state of unbroken bliss consciousness, that is, to always be in bliss and fully conscious. At this state of consciousness one then becomes independent of the three lower vehicles and the illusions of them and their worlds. One can then be said to have a cosmic status and to be eternally free as a cosmic individuality with full immortality. One always retains the individuality, but not the personality.

The personality changes from life to life, as the personality, to a great degree, reflects the growth of the individuality. The personality is also referred to as the lower self. The higher Self is the solar angel and the divine Self is the spark molding into the flame.

The difference in human beings is that most of humanity does not realize that this is a physical lesson world, a world of the dream where humans act out their dreams in a world of sleep-walkers. Even so, the human world is referred to as the world of the state of perpetual maya.

Down through the ages ancient wisdom has always taught that the physical, emotional and mental planes are the planes of sleep and dreams. The soul’s object is to complete the dreams of the lesson world and finally to awaken to its real eternal life. When it realizes this, it then desires, as fast as it is prudent, to gain mastery over the self-imprisoned illusion of life.

One then comes into an awareness of Self and the responsibilities of that Self on all levels of creation and beyond. Once we have this increasing awareness we see things differently than we used to. We see the effects of all the causes and we become very careful not to create undesirable causes. We realize that any attachment creates bondage. It is on the mental plane that we enjoy the creative efforts that we put forth and we see the beauty of it. As a result it makes an impression on us when we come back to our karma during our next earth life. In our subsequent life we are more aware of the higher realities and, therefore, we put forth more effort to rise above our negative karmic ways. We try to organize our life so that we may fulfill our higher desires and dreams.

The lesson the soul eventually learns is that any attachment to any part of human existence creates slavery and continued loss of reality and continued bondage. So, we learn to be careful not to create undesirable causes that will only prolong our sleep or bondage. When we awake we enter into the path which leads to the real Self within. When we do this we gradually experience mastery over the illusion of life with all of its pains and fears. Awakening means that we are reaching the intuitional plane called the buddhic plane. Those who are awakened on that plane are called Buddhas, or enlightened ones.

It was through the solar angel, the higher Self, that the developing human soul acquired individuality and began to live as a self-conscious entity. It is said that until one gains enough individuality one is not awakened from the dream state to the state of Self-consciousness.

It is the soul or monad that is ever changing into a polished multi-faceted diamond as it goes through the polishing and learning process in the three worlds. That is, the facets of the soul must be polished so that all parts are equal to the whole. Some feel that the human is immortal regardless of his stage of evolution. This is not so. It is true that the human has an immortal potential and that he carries the eternal spark, but it is also true that he must earn immortality and then liberation is granted. One is immortal only when he has reached an unbroken state of bliss consciousness. Otherwise, he is mortal; still affixed to the wheel of birth and death. Any human going through the process of birth and death, immersed in his dreams, has no concept of immortality. In the Western world most of humanity believes in a one life only (win, lose or draw), let alone believing in an immortal status of an absolute nature.

One actually exists in humanity until such a time as one awakens to his own true nature. Anyone who has not constructed his astral or mental bodies actually sleeps on the planes. At sometime you have to have the recognition of your individual existence in relation to existence as a whole. When this happens you have an immortal status. Until then, you may exist, but you are fragmented and not “holy” or whole.

The human is like a seed planted deep in the earth and it must find its way out of the dark earth to the light. The seed has all the potential of the tree, the flowers and the fruit, but it must grow into the light to take on full expression and develop its own seeds. The human, when he steps onto the path of liberation as an initiate, is like the seed breaking through the soil into the light and now the gardener takes over the care of the plant. Similarly, the human takes on his solar angel who guides, watches and inspires him mostly through intuition. Then at a given point the lower self must fuse with the higher Self, in a complete and willing surrender.

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