Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"*In prayer we talk to God and in Transcendental Meditation God talks to us."

                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

Intuition and Energy Force

Intuition is a life force and to escape from instinct it is necessary to seek intuition or perish. Intuition and experience are two basic sources of knowledge.

Light, being both visible and invisible, affects the visible and invisible aspects of the human. The visible aspect of light affects the outward part of the human and the invisible light affects the invisible part of the human. So you might say that one nourishes the body and the other nourishes the soul.

Everything lives in light and gives off light. The human perceives inward things by the inward or subtle light and outward things he perceives by the senses. The intuition sees things that are self-luminous. There are three sources of light or three suns: the physical sun which warms and gives the body energy; the astral sun which reveals; and the spiritual sun which nourishes the soul. The universe in totality is suspended in light or energy force that permeates all space and all existence. Therefore, Deity is that all permeating light or that universal force going out. Therefore, truth is light and ignorance is darkness or the absence of that light.

The history of involution teaches that we were once all light and by degrees we moved into darkness and that now we are moving back into the light; enlightenment and total mind. What we see in much of humanity is that they have as yet not evolved where that light has reached them and has become reflected. Light only reflects in the human who has purity of mind and body; such as a muddy pond reflects very little light and a purified pond is a mirror of light. In the human it is the nervous system that is the conductor of light. So the nervous system must be purified. It must receive and reflect that light, or that energy force, to all parts of the human, the same as light is reflected to all parts of the solar system and to all parts of the universe.

Because humans are a solar system in miniature, a sea of physical, psychical and spiritual light bathes us at all times. By not living a constructive or spiritual life we shut ourselves off, to one degree or another, from the light. History is the record of humanity’s rise and fall from this light. The human, as a self-contained battery or reservoir of light or energy, can survive for some time when this light is at low ebb, because we store energy in the body. Anyone who sleeps all day and is up all night rapidly depletes his energy source and is soon in trouble; sickness, and so forth. Energy or light is always of a benevolent nature, but it is not necessarily benevolent to all things, at all times and to all degrees. Too much sun at any one time tends to over charge the battery, exhaust the body and burn the skin. A rapid depletion of energy also causes a state of exhaustion.

Wherever there is light there is life and there is the energy force of the light. The human is geared for light and motion and when, for one reason or another, he is denied these he suffers mentally and physically. To be out of the light is to be out of touch with the Self or with God. Disease is breaking the law or sinning against the body or mind because disease is a symbol of disobedience or a falling out of adjustment with the universal law, and that is denial of the light. Hence, by the very nature of things there is a reward for virtue and suffering for disobedience.

To all things visible there is also the invisible and true acquired wisdom is in knowing both. A physician to be a truly good physician must by instinct or intuition perceive the invisible while treating the visible.

Space can supply all things always and this is what scientists will discover in the coming new age, or space age. They will discover that space is complete nutrition. However, nothing requires total nutrition at any one time. Nutrition is the real ability to draw from space what is needed as it is needed. Therefore, nutrition is conditioned energy.

In life all useless things are simply things where the uses as yet remain unknown. In nature there is nothing that is worthless and has no use. It is only that we have not as yet discovered its use. Energy as energy is a sacred thing just as light is a sacred thing. This we cannot control; the light is even as God is. What we need to know is how to best utilize this and this is best known by learning and knowing how to control ourselves. To know ourselves we must transcend ourselves and infuse internal light into our outer physical darkness. There has to be a realistic means established and an increased capacity in ourselves to receive and utilize this energy. Through true nutrition there comes a means of moving energy from one place to another by a definitive control; this is the TM-Sidhi program.

It is said in the scriptures that bread is the staff of life and this is because the body of the wheat feeds our bodies. The soul of the wheat feeds the soul and the spirit of the wheat feeds the spirit. In the human body there are energy poles or energy fields and the balance of minerals in the body ensures the energy force from space. A human does not inherit disease, but what he does inherit is the lack of a certain kind of energy. By a lack of mental or physical balance there is no polarity maintained and this shuts us off from our full natural energy source. The practice of Transcendental Meditation gradually restores this balance. So what we find in meditation is transcendental magic.

A negative vibration cannot infuse a positive vibration, but a negative vibration can to one degree or another cut us off from our own energy field. It is true that we are born with a certain energy allotment and it is also true that by Transcendental Meditation we can increase this.

Faith healing has a valid basis of truth because the individual by this means become receptive to Self. Prayer is also a positive state of conditioning because it establishes a spiritual relationship between us and total space. By prayer we establish contact between ourselves and our energy source. In prayer we talk to God and in Transcendental Meditation God talks to us. Our mantra is said to be the highest conceivable power prayer in the universe. All that is broken may be mended and all that is lost may be found.

*Editor’s note: When Charlie stated, “In Transcendental Meditation God talks to us,” he did not mean that we hear some voice coming to us during our meditation, or even ‘hear voices’ outside of meditation. What Charlie meant was the infusion of Being. The infusion of Being is the Divine Communication, Holy Communion; wholeness that is established when one practices Transcendental Meditation. There is no verbal chit chat going on. The infusion of Being can be referred to as God talking to us, that is, the transcendent Being coming into our awareness through infusion.

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