Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"What one really needs to know is what is right action and what is in harmony with the Divine will, especially under a certain set of circumstances."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

The Real Self

It is the human who is a spiritual being who must unfold his pure or spiritual nature through the exercise of free will and not by compulsory imposition of a code of conduct that contains no variances. The human must, by the exercise of free will, learn to do what is right because it is right to do so and because it is in accordance with the divine will. Also, one must learn to do the highest good because it benefits everyone else. Living and acting in perfect attunement with the divine will is the ultimate good of human evolution.

In human evolution it is the law of karma that puts back into balance what the human has put out of balance through his use of free will. So the human, in time, learns to do right, not by outer compulsion, but by inner choice. Then, when one becomes an initiate on the path of liberation, one acquires the ability to be perfectly fitted into the divine plan and to fulfill one's own divine destiny, as a spark maturing into a flame.

To learn to do what is right and not to do what is wrong, to know that right creates happiness and wrong leads to suffering, takes many lifetimes. The nature of the law of evolution is that the lesson must be learned sooner or later. One must also learn that righteousness is the indispensable foundation of a spiritual life. It is only when one becomes liberated that one works in perfect harmony with the divine will and performs right action under any set of circumstances.

In the beginning of one's evolution, one does not even know that there is such a thing as divine law that underlies life. So, one has many problems and incurs much karma along the path of human life. One lives his life according to the dictates of desire and in doing so continues to reap the bitter and the sweet that karma brings him. When one learns to curb his desires and avoid wrong actions his mind becomes increasingly freed from the encumbrances of evil tendencies. This in turn raises his vibrations, increases his happiness and allows the light of the buddhic to infiltrate into his mind. Slowly one's heart and mind become tuned to one's inner divine nature, which is far removed from the limitations and illusions of the lower life, then one knows what is right and in accordance with the divine will. This is Transcendental Meditation in operation, which in a short space of time, does what it would otherwise take ages to accomplish.

As the light in one increases one gains awareness of the futility of living a misspent life and one realizes the illusory and limited nature of life lived on the lower planes; one realizes the futility of pursuing a life based on worldly gains and temporary power and pleasures. One sees that even the great pleasures of life in the super-physical worlds are temporary and illusory and keep one bound to the wheel of birth and death with all of its limitations and miseries. There comes a realization that there is a state of existence in the realm of the absolute that is above and beyond the dualities of pain and pleasure.

There has always been a misunderstanding as to what a spiritual life is and what a religious life is. A spiritual life is one lived where one is in a natural state of cosmic awareness, while a religious life is where one believes in God by faith and has no experience of God. Also, in a religious life one believes in creed and dogmas, following a set of rules of conduct automatically and mechanically. As one gains in spiritual awareness one learns to live his life in accordance with one's dharma; one comes to a state where one performs action, not for personal desire, but solely to fulfill the divine plan which one now understands.

In the cosmos nothing happens by chance; we are placed in a specific set of circumstances to work out karma. As long as one is not established in the spiritual, one's buddhic remains clouded and one's spiritual eyes remain closed; one is not in a position to tread the path of spiritual unfoldment that leads to the realization of one's true nature.

Leading a spiritual life affects the lives of others in at least two ways: (1) by creating a center of harmony through which forces from the higher planes can flow down into the physical world and help other humans whether one is conscious of this or not; (2) by making it possible for one to transcend the limitations and illusions of the lower worlds to become a channel of the real into the unreal world to help humanity, especially to help those on the path of liberation.

The one thing that most people wonder about is how to know what is right. The answer is, by always doing the right thing at the right time in the right way and for the right reason. This means not to hurt or hinder anyone, but to help where it is necessary; not to meddle, but to be able to help when called upon to do so. When one acquires real spiritual insight, it is of the nature of an awareness and not mere thought. It is the end result of a great purification of the mind from lower desires and freedom from the dominance of the lower self. It is when the spiritual part of our Being, the Divine within us, dictates the actions and it is no longer the personality dictating the actions. The personality does not merely yield to the direction from within, but voluntarily offers itself in the service of the higher Self. This is when the lower self has surrendered to the higher Self.

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