Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"The greatest expression is the expression of love as shown in expressing kindness and help to those who need help."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

Human Evolution

There is no force on earth more powerful than loving thought. When we think of anything specifically something special occurs. If, for example, we think loving thoughts about someone, even far away, a magnetic rapport is instantly established because thought transcends time and space. If the one we think about is at all sensitive, it will cause that person to think of us. Thought is very powerful and as we evolve our thoughts become more and more powerful.

It is said that the mind, lacking a spiritual nature, is the veritable devil in man. The current problem is that intellectual pursuit and discovery has outstripped spiritual growth. Also, where there is a lack of spiritual growth the human remains a very superstitious person and the truth of life escapes him. There is a tremendous problem with intellectual activity and blind guidance due to the lack of spiritual insight. The mind alone is a good servant, but a bad master. However, now is the time that all this must reverse itself. Those who understand this will find light and those who do not understand will remain in darkness.

One truth of life is that a deep sense of responsibility is a sign of spiritual maturity. Only the evolved ones know well that they are their brothersí keeper. Very few people deliberately and consciously commit sin out of pure deviltry. Rather, they are mostly driven by blind impulses which they neither understand nor can control. However, the desire nature of the human cannot be killed as it is the moving force of the universe; thought and desire must find expression in daily activity. So, what is important is what is desired and what should be desired. Above all else should be the desire to love God and to know and to understand; then comes right action. And, the greatest expression of right action is the expression of love as shown in expressing kindness and help to those who need help.

If we learn to live constructively over here we will profit when we go over there, and in turn we will profit more when we come back here. When we are here our consciousness is turned outwards into contact with the experiences of life. Then when we pass over to the other side, our consciousness is turned inward and upwards, where the worst of us falls away and the best of us rises to as high a level as it is possible. Incidentally, the last thought at the time of death dictates the direction the soul takes immediately afterwards.

The psychic world and its matter permeate the whole of this physical globe and because of its tenuity extend into space for many thousands of miles. Also, there are seven degrees of density. Generally, psychic matter arranges itself in seven concentric spheres. Psychic matter is not conditioned by heat or cold and it is not resistant or impenetrable as the densest forms of physical matter are. It is, however, instantly responsive to the subtler impulses of thought, emotion and imagination. Therefore, all psychic forms, no matter what they are, are built by this method.

Immediately after one leaves this world the astral self clothes itself with the coarsest matter of its constitution. This then limits the soulís vision to that sub-plane which corresponds to the soulís outermost covering of psychic matter. Thus, everyone goes to his own place. However, the coarser layers wear away in time and one's better side begins to manifest and he is then lifted up into lighter, brighter and more beautiful planes. The higher may descend to the lower if they desire, but those in the lower are locked in and cannot ascend until their hour of deliverance arrives.

The lowest of the seven astral sub-planes is actually the center of our earth. The next great sub-plane is correspondent with the surface level of the earth. Some parts of it are the psychic or astral counterpart of the physical world, reproducing all the objects of this world; every flower and plant, every object of this world is reproduced. In reality it is this world seen from the other side, except that over there everything has its own living light; the atmosphere is a flowing vibrating color where there is no horizon and no sun shining because everything glows with its own light. So it is also a world of no shadows.

The higher planes are further away from the earth and become more and more unearthly and are very difficult to describe. One thing for sure, the bodies one uses on these subtle planes are never ill, tired or old, as are the physical ones. Also, one no longer requires food or drink. Over there one wears clothes he creates mentally, and one does not have to earn a living or clothe and shelter oneself. So literally, one is free to turn his attention to what one is interested in. There is plenty of time since there is no day or night and no need for sleep. To travel, one does not need airplanes, trains or automobiles since travel is done by mere effort of will, and what one thinks of becomes instantly present.

It is the spiritual that is the everlasting core of our being. Even the underdeveloped person, after some time, becomes spiritual and all memory of wickedness and sorrow is forgotten, because the higher Self cannot register that. When one returns to the earth he again picks up the seeds of past deeds, evil or otherwise, and this is one's karma. However, one has grown stronger, so he should lead a better life than what the last one was, and this is evolution.

The heaven world is of matter so fine and radiant, so life giving and happy, that it cannot be described in words; a sea of living light surrounded by every conceivable variety of loveliness in color and form, and the whole changing with every wave of thought that one sends out from the mind. Out of this entire splendor of living reality, each person sees only that which he has within himself the power to see. So, one sees that which he has evolved the ability to respond to. This is where everything that a soul has ever dreamed of, idealized and longed for now comes true. Here the air is always soft, clean and clear and full of celestial light, clothing all things in exquisite beauty. Here are majestic groves, verdant meadows, eternally blooming gardens, and so forth. Here each renews the joys one formerly delighted in. A husband is rejoined by his wife he has loved and lost so long ago. Old friendships are joyfully renewed.

In this land of bliss, the life of a happy childhood is increased a thousand fold, where no evil or sorrow can gain entrance. One might wonder that if life is so beautiful and perfect over there why or what would cause one to want to return to earth. Everyone returns because their immortal spiritual Self wants to. The thirst and desire to gain eternal cosmic existence is always there and, being there, leads one back to another incarnation. However, this will only be when all the forces generated in the last earth-life have found complete fulfillment in heaven and the causes of that fulfillment are exhausted. Then, when all is learned and all is experienced and life has been distilled to its finest point, there are only two things we must have found; one is love, selfless love, and the other is God. And, having found these, we now understand that they are one and the same thing and so are we.

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