Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"The only true change that must be affected is the change within one's own self, one's own heart and mind, and that is the real transmutation of lead into pure gold; through love."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes


“Ye must be born again” has been taught down through the ages and its meaning has been obscured to most who have pondered over its meaning. It simply means that those born in the physical must, at some point, also be born of the spirit.

Anyone who believes himself to be only a physical being is locked into an infinitesimal part of his own real Self. To place one's total value upon the altar of materiality is to be totally deluded. Such misplaced value unnecessarily delays one's full development. Often, to such a person the grave is the goal of life.

Others say, if I endure in this life in hope and faith of something greater beyond this life, I will be rewarded in heaven. They do not expect to find peace and happiness here on earth, but live in the faith that their true reward and happiness lies beyond the grave in an exalted world where grief and sorrow no longer exist, where all that they have so long loved and desired will now be given unto them for an eternity as their reward of endurance. The truth is that, if you were given every desire in such a heaven world, you would become bored because the greatest desire of all desires is to gain liberation. However, this is a dream that helps to make life bearable; it is a defense mechanism designed by the mind to serve just such a purpose.

What the world needs is an awakening to the inner truth and real meaning of this worldly life. Such an awakening is not easy, either for the world at large or for the individual. This message has been spread for ages, by those informed ones who had inner vision, but usually to no avail. Man is tightly locked into his dream world of make believe.

Ignorance of the truth of human life is the curse of mankind, the curse he cast upon himself eons ago. This delusion has left him in the shadows and darkness of the reality of life. His values have become so distorted that he tenaciously clings to that which is transient, that which is material, in the hope that he can transmute them into eternal values as the alchemist of old tried to transmute lead into gold; both have failed.

The only true change that must be affected is the change within one's self, one's heart and mind. And that is the real transmutation of lead into pure gold; through love.

Transcendental Meditation is the true catalyst that affects this change; the metamorphosis of life. One now learns that to live only for transient physical values alone is like building a foundation of life on the shifting sands of time. What must be ultimately learned is that we must build on the rock of eternal values. We must learn that living for physical values alone makes one's life futile. Slowly, day by day, life after life comes the understanding of the true spiritual life with no limitations. We become a child of eternity and we slowly begin to see the blazing dawn of a vast horizon of eternal light and limitless life that now stretches out before us.

We now have been reborn from darkness to light, from death to eternal life, from ignorance to wisdom. The child of destiny cradled in mortal bondage has now come of age. The caterpillar has now become the glorious butterfly which soars beyond celestial heights on his new found wings of truth revealed.

This rebirth has come because we have realized that by cooperating with nature, nature will lift us up higher and higher to greater and vaster dimensions. We now begin to contemplate the creator and creation as a child begins to know and love his parents. So now one begins to experience God and realize his limitless, eternal love for us.

Man, building along the lines of his own inflated ego has always destroyed himself. He has for ages been the critic of life and never the cooperator. Man’s rebirth affects a miraculous and a wonderful change in him. He no longer resents those above him or mistreats those beneath him, since he now realizes that those differences are the result of growth and not by cruel chance as he has so long believed.

We now begin to understand that there is an invisible power behind all things, that all things visible have their counterparts in the invisible. We now know that life is an orderly process of continual unfoldment and constant growth of greater and greater beauty that ultimately transcends into the grand harmonious splendor of eternal bliss.

We now know that life is earnest and that life is real and the grave has never been its goal. This is rebirth of the soul. The child of eternity is now reaching his maturity and is homeward bound. That spark who so long ago set forth on his long, long journey returns with divine mind and a full and compassionate heart. The trumpets have sounded and the gates to eternity are flung wide. The father rejoices for the return of his own who has for so long trod the road of materiality and has overcome and conquered all. He has slain the many headed dragon and now takes his rightful place as one with the one for all eternity.

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