Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"The spiritual life is the life which, looking into the infinite variety of phenomenal forms, pierces through the vail of maya and sees the one and eternal within each and all changing forms."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

The Meaning of Life

There is a vast difference between a spiritual person and one who is caught up in the physical world.

Nothing that is phenomenal can be said to be spiritual. The person who is growing into spirituality must do it by staying in balance and not to jump to extremes, because the brain must be able to receive the higher subtle vibrations without the loss of equilibrium. Also, the body must be able to purify without the sacrifice of health, mental and physical.

As the body is purified it becomes more and more sensitive to the higher vibrations. Along with this, one gradually loses interest in the lower aspect of life and becomes indifferent to the attractions of the outer life. As long as one still clings to the things of the world the higher consciousness cannot make use of its vehicle. One gradually gains a clear well-balanced development of the intellect and emotions which are necessary to gain higher consciousness. Then, when one sees the Self in all things, then one really sees. One sees that nothing that is of form is spiritual in its nature, because the life of form, on every plane, belongs to prakriti and not to the spiritual. The manifestation of the life of form may be on the subtle planes, but it is no more spiritual there than it is on the physical plane, because any manifestation of prakriti is always phenomenal and nothing that is phenomenal is ever spiritual. Also, one may develop many powers, but that is still phenomenal and transitory.

The spiritual and the eternal are never the life of form. So, one might ask, what is the spiritual? It is the life of the consciousness that recognizes unity which sees one's Self in everything and everything in the Self. The spiritual life is the life which, looking into the infinite variety of phenomenal forms, pierces through the veil of maya and sees the one and eternal within each and all changing forms.

To know the Self, to love the Self and to realize the Self, alone is spirituality. When one is able to see the Self everywhere, that alone is wisdom. All outside of that is ignorance and is unspiritual.

When one decides to choose the life of the spirit in lieu of the life of form, one is truly on the path of liberation. Then, one no longer lives for the sake of form, but rather for the sake of Self, which is the life and reality of the form.

Most people go through life struggling against the wrong in order to eventually become perfect in the right. So, by trial and error people learn. This is a lesson world, created as a school for all humans to attend and to learn. Also, it involves the taking on of forms and outgrowing the form and then taking on new ones and in so doing life continually evolves until one outgrows all forms in the field of relativity and becomes cosmic.

At the present time we are entering a period of heaven on earth, a time of peace and prosperity for all of humanity that is involved in the New Age. Only a certain part of humanity will be able to qualify for earth life during this period since heaven implies good only, and the opposite can no longer exist here for that period of time of two thousand years of heaven on earth. We are now in the last days before the great change takes place. Therefore, evil is making its last stand and doing everything possible to pull as much of humanity down with them as possible.

Evil survives on energies generated by hate, treachery, greed, crime, drugs and alcohol, envy, cruelty, jealousy, and so forth. These forces are hopelessly lost and they become anomalies in evolution. They wander through space outside of the cycle of birth and death until their very existence is a greater torture for them than any purgatorial experience could ever be. There are some who, having hopelessly fallen out of line with the evolutionary progression of the life wave to which they belonged, must in some future time join another life wave and pass through all of the earlier stages of development, while at the same time retaining a conscious awareness of what they have lost.

There is a limit to evil, which then leads to a state of no possibility of being able to make up the karma heretofore committed. This is a result of the law of cause and effect that controls and directs evolution. It neither rewards nor punishes, but it unerringly guides causes to the consummation of the inherent effects. Also, the idea of forced rebirth does not exist. We are here because of our karma and because we wished to be here, and this is also in accordance with the law of attraction which operates in accordance to our desires and aspirations. Even while we are busy working out our karma in this present life, we are also setting up desires for our next life.

Many people say what they would do or desire if they had the opportunity to do this life over again. However, between lives, we have the opportunity to receive higher knowledge of the spirit and thereby change our desires for our next earth life. Even so, sometimes our desires are so strong that we reject the gentle promptings of the spirit and again come back to our same desires. Then, there are times when we are born in circumstances that are a compromise between the spirit teachings and the grosser desires, and these result in a life torn with conflicting desires and restless longings.

This is the life for one to be fully committed to the influence of the spiritual mind and thereby one's next birth into a spiritual life will be assured by the guidance of one's higher mind, and there will be no repetition of old mistakes that one has committed. From this point onward there will be no unconscious births of blind desires. All rebirths will be planned for a cosmic future life. This is the purpose of Transcendental Meditation and its regular practice; to lead us to a spiritual life. So, fasten your mind on God and your love for God and your destiny will be assured.

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