Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"The human has to learn to go within himself to find the real answers to his own evolution."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

Perfection of the Mind

Perfection of the mind comes with purification of the body. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. As the mind purifies it lifts its consciousness to higher ideals and constructive activity. The great change comes when one begins to think in idealistic terms, and not in terms of profit and self-aggrandizement. When one begins to use one's mind for upliftment and not for destruction, then truly one is on the path of purification and perfection.

In the early ages of man, he acquired a dense body as an instrument of action. Later in time, he acquired his vital body in order to have the power of motion, which is necessary to action. In a still later age, he acquired the desire body which gave incentive to action. The mind, however, was not given to him until the Atlantean Epoch, in order for him to have purpose in action. Even then, he did not have a reasoning mind. He functioned on desire, passion and emotion. He was, however, master of nature.

Man, sometime in his evolution, must again become the master of nature, but first he must master his own nature. This means that the mind must outgrow selfishness, cunning, and craftiness. For many ages these habits have become very deeply ingrained in the human psyche.

The human, in his early days, used brawn for all of his accomplishments. Slowly he learned that the mind is superior to brawn, and that brought on a great change.

The downfall of the Atlantean was due, for the most part, to a weak ego, a weak mind and a strong desire. The weak mind had not yet developed a constructive thought and reasoning process. In the interim, to fulfill the strong desires cunning was developed by the weak mind.

In the present epoch, thought and reason are being developed and evolved in the mind in order to channel desire toward gaining spiritual attainment. This is the goal of evolution; the developing of a divine mind; the individual mind ultimately attaining the status of universal mind. As we move more and more toward divine mind, we slowly gain, once again, mastery over nature. Only this time, as masters over nature, it will be with divine love.

The human, at the present time, has mastery over the chemicals and minerals only, that is, the mineral kingdom, and not over the vegetable or animal kingdoms; that comes later in his development.

The deep secrets of nature are carefully guarded and not revealed to man until such time as he has grown to use his powers for the upliftment of humanity and not to plot and plan the control and destruction of the human race. We like to think of ourselves as being highly civilized, but the truth is that we are barely civilized. However, at this time, humanity is given a great opportunity to make strides forward if we only heed the “word” that is being given out. The human has to learn to go within himself to find the real answers to his own evolution.

The reason the power over nature which man had was taken away from him was to enable him to continue to evolve, so that no matter how cunning and selfish he became, he would no longer have the power to destroy himself and nature as well. However, now that he has learned the secret of splitting the atom, he stands in jeopardy of destroying most of mankind if he is not careful.

The human in his period of involution lost his spiritual sight and awareness of the inner and subtle worlds, and seeing with physical sight, only saw into the physical world. Thus, with limited sight and limited mind, he sat upon a course of destruction. As a result, he has moved from tribal wars to world wars, from individual destruction to the possibility of total world destruction. He now stands on the brink of final decision; world peace or total obliteration. Man has free will, for God has made him so. He must learn to live by the law of love and by learning this all will be added unto him.

In the evolution and involution of man, he was initially molded from without, unconsciously. Then he was ruled and guided by divine right, by divine messengers and kings; these he knew consciously. Then he was taught to revere the laws of a God he was unable to see. Finally, he must learn to govern himself and live in harmony with nature and conquer his own free will; to move from destruction to construction.

Also, man learned to worship God through fear. Then he learned to worship by prayer and to attempt to live the Laws and then go to heaven as his just reward for living the good life. Lastly he learns that the true worship of God is to do right, because it is right to do right and it is right to do without the thought of reward or self gain; then man will be thinking with the heart and loving with the mind and he will have gained the goal. He then has an open and loving heart and a divine mind.

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