Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"A yogi, perfectly understanding prana, and who can control it, would have control of the universe. All nature would be under his control. "

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes


The whole universe is composed of two materials. One is called akasha, the other is called prana.

Akasha is the omnipresent, all penetrating existence. Everything that has form is the result of combinations evolved out of this akasha. It is akasha that becomes the air, the liquids, the solids, the sun, the moon, the earth, the stars, and the human body; everything that exists. Akasha is beyond ordinary perception. It can only be seen in its gross states. At the end of a cycle of creation, all melts back into the akasha. Akasha is the omnipresent material of the universe.

Prana is the infinite, omnipresent power of the universe. Prana is everything we call energy. It manifests as motion; gravitation, magnetism, nerve currents, thought force, and so forth. Everything as energy is the manifestation of prana. The total of all the forces in the universe, mental or physical, is called prana.

When there was darkness upon the void, there was akasha without motion. At the beginning of creation, the energies (prana) started up and struck against the akasha, and out of akasha came the myriad of forms manifested in creation.

Pranayama is the knowledge and control of prana. A yogi, perfectly understanding prana and who can control it, would have control of the universe. All the forces of nature would be under his control. All the gods in heaven would do his bidding.

Prana is the vital force in all beings. Thought is the finest and highest action of prana.

Instinct or unconscious thought is the lowest plane of action; it is an automatic action. All reflex actions of the body belong to this plane of thought. Another plane of thought is conscious thought, such as to reason, to judge, to think. Reason is limited to a certain extent. Beyond that it cannot reach. It is a very limited circle. Into this circle facts rush and are cognized by the mind. A higher plane is the plane of the super conscious mind. The super conscious mind goes beyond the limits of reason and comes face to face with facts that no instinct or reason can ever know. Learning to control prana helps the mind to go higher and act from a super conscious level.

Matter is represented by the ether. When the action of prana is most subtle, then ether, in the finer states of vibration, represents the mind. If one could reach the subtle vibrations, one could see that the whole universe is composed of subtle vibrations; the whole universe is seen as an ocean of thought. In the ocean of thought, we exist as whirlpools of individual thought. In the universe of thought, when we gain the Self we find unity or oneness. All is one. Beyond the vibration of matter, beyond motion, is the oneness.

We as human beings represent prana at a certain rate of vibration, and we are aware of all on that plane. Step up the rate of prana, and this plane vanishes and we are aware of a higher plane or prana vibration rate.

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