Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"Transcendental Meditation has the power to transform the sexual force from the sex center up to the brain. "

                                                                                 - Charlie Lutes

Transmutation of the Sexual Force

The ability to gain access to the inner or higher planes is dependent upon the purity of one's life. This implies far more than physical chastity. It involves purity of mind and motive as well as physical chastity. Also, physical chastity can not be identified with the mere denial of sexual expression through repression. Great harm has been done by those who believed that out of negative abstinence they would have a spiritual life. The truth is that one is not truly chaste until chastity flows outward from the soul easily and naturally. For as long as the sex nature is a source of trouble, even though controlled, it is not being fully transmuted into the higher functions of the spirit. It is said that one who finds pleasure in vice and pain in virtue is a novice in both, and anyone who finds pain in discipline is truly a novice on the path.

When the sacred fire force is finally lifted to the brain it will fill one, not with passion, but with light. Those who attain this state are the heralds of the new race in the New Age.

In the earth period, when the dense body of the human was being formed, a part of the sex force was directed upward and used for building the brain, larynx and nervous system. To preserve the human race it was necessary for the male and female human to be created from the androgynous being, and so they were. To encourage physical sex between the male and female the orgasm was introduced as a provocative feature. Hence, for many ages sex became a way of life for much of humanity, and the present mode of generation belongs to that transient phase of human evolution. Then, when the first purpose was accomplished restrictions to unbridled sex were incorporated into the various scriptures and a new code was introduced for all of humanity to follow.

The organs of reproduction or generation will eventually atrophy and their function will be taken over by the heart, larynx and the brain. The time is fast approaching when the reproduction of the kind will cease to be physical and will become a mental projection; creation of forms will be by mental projection and the materialization of images. Man now generates, but in the future the new race will learn to create and the human will be very spiritual because the forces of the lower and the forces of the higher natures will be united.

There is a very intimate relationship between the brain and the creative organs and this is shown by the fact that excessive abuse of the latter invariably weakens the brain. This is true because both draw upon the same energy substance for functioning. Transcendental Meditation has the power to transform the sexual force from the sex center up to the brain; hence sexual activity is transformed into activities of mind and spirit and the control of every cell of the body is then by the mind. The body is thereby raised above the forces of physical passion and one's whole being is centered in the currents of spirit. Then one is truly spiritual and body heat has now become body light. The physical way of life will be gone. So, now is the time when initiates must move in this direction, for the new path now leads to immortality and humans will become godlike.

We are now entering into an age of Heaven on Earth, a time when those who heed the clarion call will live on this earth in peace and happiness, and there will be a golden opportunity for them to rise to the heights. Certainly all will not be initiates, but they will have outgrown violence and petty greed and they will be dedicated to a constructive and progressive way of life with a love of God along with a constructive universal religion of truth unfolded and a consciousness to see, to know, and to live the truth. For the truth will then free them. For all will now be “caught up with Christ in the air;” which means to live the meaning of Christ (which is love) in the Aquarian (air) Age. Still there is the terrestrial man who must remain with the Old Age and there is the celestial man who will move into the New Age. The dust-man will remain and the spirit-man will complete the journey to immortality.

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