Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"It is futile to try to tell someone of limited knowledge that that which he knows to be real, as experienced by his own senses, is not real in the final sense."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

The Maya of Life

The maya of life is the illusion of life, only seen as an illusion from outside of the universe. The universe itself is a mental projection of the Almighty. This is too great a consideration for most mortals and their minds rebel at such a consideration. The truth of such a projection is illustrated, however, in a dream. When we are dreaming, a dream is as real as it can be. Yet, when we return from the dream state to the conscious state, we then perceive the dream to be unreal and only a dream. The same applies to life in the world; real while we are in it and a maya when we are outside of it, or in the absolute. It all depends on from where we view it, from the relative or the absolute.

So, we might say that the universe consists of a mental projection of the Almighty encompassing time, space, matter and change. Absolute truths are things as the mind of God knows them and relative truths are as the mortal mind sees them. The universe itself consists of seven dimensions, or seven levels of vibration, and anything that vibrates in the range of that dimension is real substance in that dimension. We as humans are in the third dimension, or the dimension of height, width and depth. Life really traverses the gamut from extreme density to extreme tenuousness, and all levels serve their purpose of creation. It is futile to try to tell someone of limited knowledge that which he knows to be real, as experienced by his own senses, is not real in the final sense. So, we must deal with reality on the basis of what is real to those concerned.

The purpose of the universe, as far as the human is concerned, is that which must be mastered. If creation is all mental, then so are we and we are slowly working our way up the ladder of life to a mental perfection. Anyone from his own level of attainment can look down and be aware of what is transpiring on lower levels, while the one below cannot be aware of what is above him because it is not in his awareness, or in his level of vibration. It is closed to him.

The laws of creation are simply shadows of the divine laws and we are bound by the laws of creation because of the mental nature of creation itself. At this point most of humanity is unaware of the laws of creation; nevertheless they are still bound by them.

The very universe itself exists by virtue of the framework of laws that holds it together. It is also through the laws that we are able to transform that which is undesirable into that which is desirable and useable.

In the mental creation of the universe there are enormous forces going out from the mind of the Creator and these forces sustain and also create all that exists in the universe.

Although most of humanity is under the dominance of matter, at a later time in evolution, the human will become master of matter because he will be able to apply the higher forces of nature that control matter. The only way we can overcome lower laws is by applying still higher laws. We in no sense escape law; we only come into higher usage of the laws.

Principally, the pranic force is what sustains and the akashic force is that which creates the myriads of forms, from the highest forms to the densest forms. All forms however, regardless of their level, serve their purpose in creation.

The involution process of creation is the outpouring of the divine energy and evolution is the drawing in of the divine energy. During the outpouring of energy the vibrations going out become lower and lower until they reach a point where the urge ceases. This is known as the nadir, and then the reversal begins and the vibrations become stronger and stronger as one moves closer to the source.

The pure spirit going down and down during the outpouring into lower and lower vibrations finally loses awareness of itself as a sentient being and at this point enters into a prepared primitive form, or body, and becomes virtually mindless. From this point it starts to evolve as a human, and as a human it is tied to the wheel of birth and death. Then, as the ages go by and the primitive form develops and the mind takes on a degree of conscious awareness, the human believes himself to be separate from all of creation. And in self defense, he adopts the ego sense and the first instinct of self preservation.

However, he has not been forgotten; the Gods came down to the earth to guide and protect the child of nature until he was able to fend for himself. Then later on the monads came to give him further guidance; to instill higher principles in him and to help accelerate his growth and increase his vibrations.

Each epoch of humanity brought about a more perfected vehicle for the soul. The sixth epoch of humanity is now beginning to be born and it is being given a higher, more refined vehicle than what those of the fifth epoch have. (The fifth epoch of humanity is where most of humanity is in now.) Also, a limited vehicle implies a limited mental capacity due to greater density in the nervous system of that vehicle.

However, as initiates, we are purifying the nervous system very rapidly. We are making quantum leaps in our evolution. We are pouring enormous vibrations, or energy, into the body and because the body has great impurities in it, we cannot force the purification of the body beyond its ability to purify itself, otherwise we will space ourselves out, or in extreme cases, even shatter the vehicle.

Human evolution is a very slow orderly process of purification. However, we are able by the “word” to take an immediate short cut to the goal. It is also true that all things material, mental and spiritual are moving upwards toward perfection. The great conclusion is that the spirit of each soul is never annihilated, but is expanded until the created and the Creator are merged into the oneness.

In the process of doing, the lower self first merges with the higher Self and the higher Self then in turn merges with the Creator. In merging with the Creator one does not disappear into the Creator, One always retains their individuality. This process is by the way of devotion to the Almighty.

Meditation is that processes of devotion which takes our attention from the physical world and affixes our attention on the absolute by means of the mantra. To do this the mind must be turned within and then taken to the most subtle aspect of thought, then transcend the thought. So we need a vibration that vibrates as the highest conceivable rate of all of relativity and this then takes the mind to the door of the absolute. Then the mind goes beyond thought into the transcendental field where the mind then begins to infuse the absolute into its relative nature. In doing this, one becomes less and less attached to the material world and moves more and more into pure awareness, or into pure spirit which is one's eternal nature.

We are creations of the Creator who in turn also become creators. The Creator is the all that is in each component of the all. Hence, we are the divine spirit in the process of perfecting the individuality by raising up the individual mind to become one with the universal mind and that is Brahman.

It is not unreasonable to assume that the molecules, atoms and cells have their likes and dislikes, affinities and non-affinities the same as humans have, only it is a matter of degrees. So, if the all is in all, then all have the same intrinsic nature. It is the vibration and density that differs. In relativity it is the temporal that comes and goes while the soul and spirit, or pure essence of creation, remains and eventually gains divine mind. And that is the reality beyond the maya.

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