Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"The progressive expansion of consciousness that results from the practice of Transcendental Meditation will ultimately embrace everything in the universe."

                                                                                     - Charlie Lutes

The Unfoldment of a Spiritual Life

Spiritual evolution means that we are shifting the center of consciousness toward the divine center of our being and realizing our divinity more and more. Most of humanity identifies with the physical body, even when they intellectually know that it is only an instrument. So, the real problem of becoming spiritual is to shift the focus of consciousness from the personality to the individuality and to learn to live from that center. When we do this, we still work through the physical body, our mind and our emotions, but now we are conscious of the dualism between our real Self and the self we are on the physical plane.

Immortality and peace can never be found in the sphere of the personality and it is useless to try to seek them in this area. The spiritual consciousness that exists inside of us is our only true home. The important thing is that we shift our center of consciousness to the Divine and then begin to realize our divinity more and more. The spiritual unfoldment of the individuality is reflected in the personality to a limited degree because there are definite limitations in the lower physical vehicle that prevents a full expression.

The astounding thing is how many powers and faculties are latent in the human and in time must become functional. Transcendental Meditation is a technique that unfolds these higher qualities in the individual. This unfolds as divine consciousness and begins to work through the devoted meditator. The process is one of purification or raising the vibrations, and this is Transcendental Meditation in action. So, it matters very little for what reason one starts Transcendental Meditation. If one continues the practice regularly one will, in due time, become spiritual. The real process involved is the gradual and increasing unfoldment of a life of infinite possibilities. Also, the progressive expansion of consciousness that results from the practice of Transcendental Meditation will ultimately embrace everything in the universe.

It is the lack of the infusion of the Being that makes us unaware of all of our limitations and thus being unaware of our limitations we are dominated or controlled by them. The more our higher nature unfolds and takes control of us the less we are controlled or dominated by our lower self with all of our habits and emotions which claim our attention and waste our time and energy. The unfoldment of our higher nature becomes a process of character building, because it is the transformation of our lower nature which allows us to express our spiritual nature in an ever increasing way.

Religion may change our habits and beliefs, but it can never cause the infusion of the Being that automatically opens our light centers and aligns our higher bodies so that there is a near perfect conduction of the eternal life force into our very self.

We should never regard the phenomena of the higher life as something mysterious; rather we should understand it as something very natural and accept the invisible in a spirit of reverence. We should never forget that all realms are subject to natural laws just the same as the physical.

So, slowly as we progress we awaken to all kinds of extraordinary faculties and capacities, and this, again, is the process of becoming natural. We should not expect an overnight transformation for as we move to higher and higher levels of awareness we are subject to higher and more complex laws governing higher and higher planes of life. To complete the divine will we must become the master of all powers and faculties belonging to all planes of existence. However, we can be sure of one thing and that is, as we progress we free ourselves from most of life’s anxieties and miseries and this alone is worth any effort required.

It is hard for one to imagine oneself without physical attachments, without emotional disturbances and the worries and anxieties of a troubled and harassed mind; to be able to live a calm and serene life amidst the circumstances in which one lives, drawing upon inner strength and happiness which others seek in vain in the outer world with no resources to fall back on in times of trouble. Also, the great difference is that while others are struggling in vain a meditator is able, in his calm, self-controlled life, to rapidly and smoothly move toward enlightenment, the only goal of life.

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