Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"There are many reasons for starting Transcendental Meditation, but certainly the greatest reason is that through meditation we discover our true identity."

                                                                                   - Charlie Lutes

Who Am I?

It is the I-principle alone in the human that really lives and knows no death. Every human being is an eternal being; only one has to learn this and know this. Once we learn this, the wheel of birth and death, or the forces of nature, no longer bind us, because we have reached full realization.

When the knowledge of your true Self is correct, then and then only can you know anything else in its full and correct context. Realization is not a case of understanding truth, but rather being one with the truth at which time the truth of you merges into the truth of existence itself. To have inner peace and inner bliss, and not have this ever disturbed, is the end aim of life itself.

Ultimate truth is attained as a result of realization of the mind and giving up all else that is foreign to the real Self. Realization is really shifting the emphasis from the object to the subject in each and every perception. Then the realized person perceives the absolute, diversified as objects.

Those who are not enlightened identify themselves with the gross body and perceive only gross objects with gross minds and gross thoughts. I see Me when I see me not. I shall see Me when I cease my objective search and turn inward to discover my Self as one with that for which I was searching. When this happens, the subject-object relationship has vanished. The real experience in life is when consciousness stands as pure experience without an experiencer. Then is when the I-principle stands as pure consciousness.

You are personal as long as you are conscious of something and you are impersonal when you are consciousness itself. The only real death that exists for the human is the death of the ego. That which was born of necessity must now of necessity die. When this finally occurs, the sense of separateness vanishes and one is moved from his unnatural state. Also, human error vanishes and one ceases to create further bondage for oneself.

Some say, I have bliss and then this disappears. Why is this? It is not that bliss disappears, it is you, the ego, off on another tangent that overshadows the bliss and this is done through the mind and through the emotions. Some strong desire or situation arises and is cognized by the mind and the mind and ego become lost in this for some time. Then, when this passes, the bliss is again felt. This goes on and on until the infusion of the bliss is so great that nothing can ever again overshadow the bliss; this is infusion that is permanent.

Another great problem of humanity is that everyone seeks the truth outside of one's Self and in doing this the search becomes endless, because such outside truth is relative. The search for truth ends when we learn that truth is not outside of ourselves, rather it is inside ourselves. In other words, we are that truth.

Consciousness and activity in life are closely related because the degree of our consciousness, for the most part, determines our activity, or the nature and quality of our activity. As we increase our consciousness, the quality of the activity changes dramatically. So, consciousness is the background of all activity and as we grow inwardly our outer activity becomes more and more effective and the effort of the doing becomes much less. We notice this from our practice of Transcendental Meditation; we do less and accomplish more.

As one opposite in life relates to another, so happiness in life exists in our awareness only to the degree that we understand previous suffering. When we no longer project suffering for ourselves and others, then and only then do we experience continued peace and happiness. The Being in us, the human beings, becomes expressed as happiness and our activity becomes of a quality that no longer binds us.

It is the normal flow of energy that goes outward from Brahman through the intellect, mind, ego, and matter into and through the realms of lower vibratory frequency. And, it is through the medium of humanity that it is made to flow back to its source as pure vibrating consciousness. He who sees in this world of multiplicity that thread of oneness that underlies all that exists and he who discovers that there is only one light and knowledge, to him comes eternal lasting peace.

There are many reasons for starting Transcendental Meditation, but certainly the greatest reason is that through meditation we discover our true identity. What we need is the manifestation of the unmanifest into the manifested. Three fourths of us is unmanifest and by meditation, we begin immediately to experience the unmanifest directly.

The perception of the Self is only possible while we are alive and keep the body in a healthy condition. If we have to experience death due to the lack of Self-realization, then we have to take on another embodiment on this, or some other suitable earth, in order to complete the journey to the Self. Discrimination will not lead us to the Supreme; we may get close to the gate of reality and the threshold of the Absolute, but it will not get us in. To get in, we need full development of our intuition, insight, revelation, cosmic consciousness and full God vision.

Intellectually we are unable to free ourselves from the domination of worldly possessions and earthly human desires. It is only by infusing the eternal light into ourselves that we are able to free ourselves. No other way will serve the purpose. We now know that for ages we have been born in a self-induced bondage and that our freedom will be gained by gaining full awareness of the Self. We will learn to control the body with the senses, the senses with the mind, the mind with the ego, the ego with the intellect, the intellect by the individual self, and the individual self with the cosmic force, and then cosmic consciousness. Then, we will be free and into the eternal life.

In that state our hearts are hearts full with love. Our minds are minds of pure thoughts and we stand with God in the eternal light with eternal vision, full knowledge and complete experience. The age old question of who am I is answered. I am myself. I am Brahman. I am one with God. I am the traveler through human life who has returned home in full resplendent glory. I have gone down the long road of involution and into human involvement, then up the long road of evolution and out of human evolvement and I now stand, not in the light, but as the light. I am that and that I am.

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