Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"We should always reason toward a conclusion and not from one."

                                                                                     - Charlie Lutes

Man Moving Toward Wisdom

By living the good life, the life within as well as without, we are made ready for the true wisdom. There is an exact process, and it goes step by step to the goal. The goal of the human, to grow into truth, is achieved by purification.

Truth is always shrouded in mystery, and it is our destiny to unravel this great mystery of life. In doing so, we should always reason toward a conclusion and not from one. History is merely the record of the decline of truth. Now is the time when the record shall show man moving toward wisdom and increased truth.

Humans in adulthood become factual, instead, they need to move toward truth, or they start to crystallize. For the most part, the truth of yesterday has become obscured and corrupted into the fantasy of today. We must move toward the truth of each day, and then live that truth.

In our worldly journey, we have fallen from the light into darkness. Instead of spreading wisdom, we are busy combating ignorance. Ignorance is of our own creation and it is an artificial untrue state. It is a state of delusion, a state to be overcome; not by external effort, but by the internal infusion of wisdom into the mind.

In ages past, when we lived under wisdom, there was no sin and no ignorance. We once walked with God, and we lived in happiness and in peace. That kingdom has been lost and that kingdom needs to be regained. When we started our journey in life, we started as happy creatures. However, as we moved deeper and deeper into matter, we became selfish and self-centered, and this started all wars and all sin.

Our quest as meditators is to regain our true status. We are surrounded by absolute truth. Truth can never go out of fashion; only that which is untrue does that. The soul became lost in the body and the truth was drowned in an illusion. However, that which was born of truth can never be lost from truth; only misplaced from truth for an eon of time. What is really true is that all of us are seeking the great revelation; the unfolding of the great truth, the merging into the great white light.

As most things in the world are couched in symbolism, so fire is the great symbol of purity. It is often spoken of as the fire in the heart; that coming of purity; the life-giving force; the coming of the eternal flame, born of the eternal spark; the divine dispensation of all humans.

That which passes through fire is made new; the melting of the hard heart; the taking on of the quality of love; the restoration of the true heart; the fire of truth versus the cold light of the intellect. This is why we must learn to think with our hearts and love with our minds.

We must rekindle the fire in the heart, the great fire that has never failed. All fires are lighted by the one true fire, truth. It is the flaming sword that keeps the unenlightened and ignorant from entering the holy city. Only those who are reborn of the true spirit can enter.

The dross and the contamination in us must be removed so that we can discover and merge into the great eternal light, free from ignorance.

In a state of ignorance we cannot storm the gates of the eternal holy city, the gates of truth, as they are ever well guarded by the teachers and masters of wisdom who wield the flaming swords of truth. Anyone who would pass into the inner sanctum through the gates, eternally guarded, must first be initiated into truth, that is, into Transcendental Meditation. One must be born again, born of the spirit which is truth.

Then, from a human's base metal must be fashioned the key (the soul); the key that opens wide the door that allows us to go forth to ultimate eternal virtue, where we find peace and timeless security and our God Self. The enlightened has now become the light.

There is really only one path and that is the path of light. We must become the servant of the flame (truth) and then we become one with the One. And like the phoenix bird of old, consumed in the fire, which has arisen from its own ashes, the self has now become the Self, forever clothed in its golden raiment, bathed for all eternity in total wisdom, one with Brahman.

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