Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"Life is meant for enjoyment."

                                                                     - Charlie Lutes

Happiness in Life

Life is meant for enjoyment. Therefore, enjoyment is the source and end of all activity. Religion teaches us that to forego earthly pleasures is to earn heavenly joy. Yet, life was meant to be enjoyed, and for so long this has been misunderstood by much of humanity.

If life was only meant for pain, or the prospect of pain, no one would remain alive. There would be no incentive for life and the end purpose of life would never be known. However, this has never been, or will ever be, the divine plan of life. The divine plan is all encompassing and the beginning and the end has always been known. It is only the human, with his limitations, having no understanding of the purpose of life, who blindly blunders along in his own created misery until he arrives at a point of awakening.

At this point, there comes a great change in the individual. His behavior changes, his attitudes change, his selfish motivations change. Along with this, life takes on a new meaning and a definitive purpose. The true meaning of life becomes clear.

No longer do we try to master materiality. No longer do we force cruelty and selfish purpose upon mankind, because, at this point, we fully realize that we are all one, and in being one, no matter how we treat others, we have done the same to ourselves.

When this fully dawns upon humanity, then will the Golden Age of Man unfold. Then, life will be enjoyed by all, because all will be concerned with the happiness of others and not of themselves at the expense of others.

This is what the scriptures have been saying down through the ages. This has been the message of all who have come to uplift humanity.

Further, at the point of awakening to the true meaning and purpose of life, we realize that enjoyment comes from service to others and not self service. We know that the greatest things we can know are the Laws of Life and how to live the Laws. We realize that to directly pursue happiness, we can never find happiness; that happiness is only found in making others happy.

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