Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"The conditioned mind is bondage and when the mind becomes unconditioned, then one becomes liberated. This is why we transcend and infuse the Being into the nature of our minds through our practice of Transcendental Meditation; to gain liberation."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

Wealth and Spirituality

Many have asked the question, why should one on the spiritual path have to give up striving for wealth? The reason is that striving for wealth carries, in most cases, heavy karma. Also, it is said that wealth is the mother of evil. Further, sense-pleasure is the source of pain.

Rejection of the pursuit of wealth is a victory on the road to spirituality. Generally, the individual I is something to be repressed and not accentuated while on the spiritual path during one's growth. When the true, universal nature of the I is correctly understood, its meaning is known as infinite consciousness. The reason the universal I has been misunderstood is that it has identified with the body. So, the higher form of I-ness has to be cultivated by one becoming spiritual, and thereby the lower form of I, that is, the lower self that is absorbed in material pursuits, completely disappears.

The conditioned mind is bondage and when the mind becomes unconditioned then one becomes liberated. This is why we transcend and infuse the Being into the nature of our minds through our practice of Transcendental Meditation; to gain liberation.

Absolute consciousness is not created and it does not perish because it is eternal. The world appearance is superimposed on it, as a wave manifests in relation to the ocean. The wave is different in appearance to the ocean, yet it is only the ocean. Similarly, in creation, it is the I-am notion that gives rise to diversity. It is the consciousness in the form of a seed or spark that in the course of many incarnations becomes the fruit or flame. Creation is like a storm on the surface of the ocean, while the ocean below the surface remains undisturbed.

The spirit, coming into relativity, becomes conscious of itself and considers itself as a person. This continues on through the ages of evolution. Then, when ignorance is dispelled, truth is realized.

Those caught up in worldly pursuits of pleasure and power do not desire to know the truth about life, or even the meaning of enlightenment. They plunge headlong into their selfish pursuits.

One is not liberated until he knows and sees the truth of the illusion of life and lives that truth. This does not come easily because the glamour of matter is very powerful. It takes a long time and many lives to begin to understand that in order to rise above the worldly one must cease to identify with the sticky mundane. It is only then that one rises above the herd instinct of selfishness and greed. This is done through the slow rise of consciousness, which takes many lives to accomplish. Yet, this is the whole purpose of life; to rise to cosmic consciousness here on earth.

One thing that the Aquarian Age will provide is a clear channel for millions to acquire a cosmic status. Many souls have been waiting for a long time for this particular age to arrive so that they could come to earth for this opportunity. Soon, there will truly be heaven on earth.

For us who are already on earth, now is the time to stay on the path and not be led astray. The coming years will be a time of cleansing of the earth, and for the most part, nature will do the cleansing, and a very thorough job will be done.

Kali Yuga is a time when evil is rampant on the face of the earth, and therefore the way of liberation is made very easy. I have done as you have asked. I have given them their word and the word shall save them. What is the word? The most pleasing name of God and anyone saying the word, so many lakhs, will be liberated.

The Transcendental Meditation practice is very easy, and what transpires in and to the individual is almost beyond belief; the individual is brought up to a state of complete purity and becomes able to stand vertical in the light of God, with God, for eternity.

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