Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"Transcendental Meditation is a method or practice which strengthens the mind and in so doing it gives the mind right perception."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

The Road to Reason

The function of reason is to build a perfectly symmetrical structure of thought, but it can not change the content of the mind. When the facts of a situation are completely changed or colored by the content of the mind then what comes forth is that which is unreasonable.

It is the hangover of an experience, an event that has passed, which causes stress and strain in the mind, a deep impression in the mind. If the experience is not psychologically completed the consciousness becomes modified or altered. Each experience needs to be completed to leave the mind fresh and vital; this is not easy to do.

Unfortunately, the mind is filled with reactionary tendencies and emotions which color or alter the truth or reality of a situation. If this condition persists then the truth of life is changed. Hence, there are many concepts of what truth really is. Truth at its best in the field of relativity is relative to the time and situation at hand. Then as time changes, so does the truth which is relative to the time. However, underlying the relative truth there is always the absolute truth which knows no time nor does it ever change. While it is true that certain truths change with time there are certainly some truths that never change and never will, though they manifest in the relative they are absolute.

When the mind distorts the truth of a situation, when the mind colors and alters the truth of the situation, this distortion stays with the mind life after life and one distortion follows another and then the mind becomes conditioned to where reason no longer exists. Also in each life these distortions become subconscious pressures that dictate the way one reacts to society and life in general, and one often becomes a malfeasant in life and becomes very destructive. This is why we should always reason to a conclusion and not from a conclusion. In reasoning from a conclusion the altered colored conditioned mind jumps to a conclusion, usually erroneous and then acts from this incomplete and false evaluation of a given situation. This is the reason for much of the strife and struggle in life and this not only applies to individuals, but to nations as well.

We are now entering an age of spiritual science and to be productive in this age we must begin to use our hearts and minds in a most reasonable and loving way. This simply means that the vibrations of the new age are going to be considerably higher and so must our vibrations be considerable higher. Love is the highest vibration in all of creation and it is the vibration that created and sustains creation. In order to be in tune with the new way of life we must come to a clearer communion with God and with ourselves. When this occurs then our perception of things will be in keeping with the thing as it actually is and not as we have distorted it.

The truth is that our mind has been little used and is far from being developed. Therefore, we have been operating in a sort of void or vacuum, and instead of ascertaining the truth of a situation we have been filling in conditioned responses devoid of reason. The remedy lies in time or in Transcendental Meditation. If we chose time as a means of developing a constructive, powerful, perceptive and reasoning mind then we must be prepared to spend ages acquiring this state, life after life until we finally learn. If we chose Transcendental Meditation, then we will accomplish the mission of life here and now. We will discover that we are beginning to find the substance of things and not the shadow of things which have been the basis of delusions in life. When we are deluded enough we become demonic. But, when we see things as they really are we become godlike.

There is also a condition in life that is not a distortion of actuality, but a condition where the actual does not even exist. The cause of this is usually something unknown to us or something said to us of an unknown nature which causes us to form mental images that are entirely a product of the mind and which bear no resemblance to the truth or fact of the situation. This then becomes an illusion of the mind and we act on this. We imagine something to be that doesn’t even exist, such as hell, fire and brimstone. This mental activity is also referred to as the mind taking flights of fancy. Something is constructed in the mind completely devoid of facts; the mind indulges in flights of fancy with no actual foundation of truth. This causes pressures to reside in the subconscious which rise to the surface with impelling force, completely coloring and distorting reason.

A mind that is distorted is usually a weak mind. Transcendental Meditation is a method or practice which strengthens the mind and gives the mind right perception. Transcendental Meditation also releases the pressures in the subconscious so that they are gone and no longer haunt us with memories of the traumas of the past. The mind becomes infused with the absolute pure consciousness which, in eliminating all pressures and illusions and delusions, creates a state of bliss in the mind and we become reasonable; we see the truth, and we live the truth and we see God in everything. With a clear perceptive mind we become true seers and we become spiritual.

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