Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"Although we may recognize the God without, it is necessary for us to also know the God within and combine the two in Unity, into the Oneness they have always been. This is the end realization of the purpose of life."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

The Emotional Body

The emotional body (desire body) is the hardest body to control of the three bodies, the physical, the emotional and the mental. The reason for this is that the vibration of desire has dominated the human for many ages. It is the last body to be brought under control and by far the most difficult. Before the spirit can function and take precedence in the human, the desire body has to be conquered and selfish interests must be transmuted into spiritual desires. The emotional body has a very close connection with the physical body in which the average human primarily functions. At the instigation of the emotional, the physical automatically responds to the higher emotional body. The emotional body is also closely connected to the intuitional level and that also has its effect. It is in the epoch we are now going through that the emotional body must be mastered and this is very hard because the very world we live in is a desire world.

So in essence, we must transcend this world and we cannot do this unless we are able to transcend the whole field of relativity and infuse the pure essence of the Absolute into our relative nature, and this we do through our practice of Transcendental Meditation. The practice of TM causes the emotional nature to be quiet and receptive, not over active and not out of control as the dominating factor in life.

Also, the emotional nature should be positive and not negative. This in great measure calls for conscious awareness of and conscious control of our emotional nature. When we are out of control in our emotional nature this affects the lower physical vehicle and causes activity of a destructive nature. This also shuts us off from our higher nature. We must balance the positive-negative polarity of this nature. When the emotional body is in a negative attitude and not in control this causes a transfer of force or power to undesirable centers; for example, such as straying from sexual purity to lust, even by one who is aspiring toward the spiritual lifestyle. There should be an alignment or balance of the three bodies so that power transmitted from on high is not deflected and the wrong centers stimulated producing negative results of varying natures and degrees.

We have to be aware of our nature and discipline ourselves so that we do not force archetypes upon ourselves that we cannot control. We are really concerned with the purification of all of the vehicles and this is of vital concern in the years that lie ahead.

Most of all our problems come as a result of fear. Fear causes a weakness and a weakness causes disintegration. The one thing that is of paramount importance at all times is the use of common sense. Do not fall victim to false fears; reason things out. Learn to reason to a conclusion and not from a conclusion.

Do not try to reach the goal of life tomorrow. Go at an easy pace and exercise caution. Get the necessary rest. Keep the mind positive, but not foolish, as this keeps the body positive also. Learn to relax as this helps to obviate tension. Do not overspend the body. Also, do not become lazy. Do not let the mind play tricks on you and for no reason disturb the inner calm. If there is a problem, approach it in a positive manner and most always it will be solved. The Lord helps those who help themselves. Learn to accept the responsibility that is yours and leave the rest alone. We are householders and not escapists. When we need guidance, ask God for guidance and it will be given.

Too many meditators attempt to jump from the gross physical level to cosmic consciousness in one grand leap. They concentrate more on the abstract side of life rather than on the factual or real side of life. As a result, they become dreamy, visionary, impractical, emotional and totally lacking in discrimination. This is still a lesson world and life still has value here on earth. When we started to meditate it was not a signal for us to drop out from all responsibility of life, stop learning and cease being practical; rather, we now have a means to draw upon an enormous potential which will help us to be successful in life. One needs to learn where things fit in the scheme of things in one's trek through this world.

True insight is when one learns the real from the unreal. There is a fire that destroys and there is a fire that builds and one should learn to discriminate between the two. Our objective is to gain liberation and this is not done by seeking to escape or deny the reality of this world. We must use the things of this world as stepping stones to the rim of the well and that is reality. Though we are concerned with Deity we should also be concerned with how Deity manifests in this world. The means of finding the higher Self is by overcoming the lower self and not by ignoring the lower self. To live in life until we outlive life is the method to be used.

Meditation fixes our attention on God (Self) while we are meditating and gives us greater insight and ability to fix our attention on the successful pursuit of daily life, and one is as important as the other. We overcome life by conscious knowledge and control and not by groping blindly through life, leaning on the crutch of blind faith. The greatest quality of faith is in what you know and is not in what you don't know. In this life we must learn the Laws and then apply the Laws to ourselves, as there are no exceptions beyond the Law. The secrets of the inner path of life will never be revealed to anyone who carries with him pride, curiosity, selfishness and a desire for power. This is why the scriptures say, A little child shall lead them.

Innocence on the path is necessary. It is meditation that burns out all of the undesirable qualities and frees us from our earthly shackles. This cannot be done overnight. Although we may recognize the God without, it is necessary for us to also know the God within and combine the two in unity, into the oneness they have always been. This divine fusion is the purpose of life.

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