Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"When you have unlocked the secrets within your Self, then you will not only know yourself, but you will also understand others and the universe. "

                                                                               - Charlie Lutes


For ages we have been enslaved by ignorance. Now we are enslaved by knowledge. What we need is a new kind of knowledge. The knowledge that we have so long been locked into has kept us buried in ignorance of the real truth. What we have been learning for so long has been the knowledge of the external, and nothing of the internal. We have learned that knowledge is a tool to be used in order to live a productive externalized life. To be informed is one thing, but to know how and why we are informed is totally another thing.

In the coming Age of Enlightenment, to keep pace with evolution, we will need to know the pure and simple wisdom about our Self. Knowledge is an external aspect of our nature, wisdom is the internal aspect. Wisdom has no opposite because, it is inner wisdom that opens the door to all the latent knowledge concerning the workings of nature, the forces and powers latent within us and the yet unsolved mysteries of the human; that is, the revelation of the Self, the “I” principle.

We have for so long isolated our Self in the delusion of the ego self as the “I" principle, and this temporal concept has been false. It is this false identification that has affected our thinking, our society, our religions, our sciences, and our education. The fallacy has been the basing of this ideology solely on the relative and not on the absolute. The relative truth is a transient truth that fits the day, but is never the real and permanent absolute truth that fits eternal time. What we have believed in has not been the real and inner truth. We have for so long been taught that the atom was the smallest indivisible particle of matter. This is no longer being taught, as are many other things no longer being taught as the whole truth.

We now see all rigid patterns being broken up since they no longer are able to support and sustain humanity in this coming new age of truth unfolded, the Age of Enlightenment. What we have depended on for life support will no longer sustain us in this changing world. Our way of life is changing and a new archetype is being impressed upon us. Those who resist change will no longer keep step with the accelerated pace of evolution, and they will pass from the human scene. The truth of life is now replacing the outmoded fiction of life. Those things thought to be true, and taught as the truth, must now be revised. They served the material age, but they no longer support the spiritual age.

We are now being pressed forward by epoch and pressures, by troubles, wars, riots, and upsets, into the New Age and a realization of the real facts of life. A new history must be written on the pages of real truth, and the fiction of life must now be relegated to the past. We are also being pulled along by numerous forces of nature that are now being manifested in the world. Selfishness of people and nations, greed of people and nations, must now be discarded, and all humanity at the dawn of this New Age must march in harmony, peace and equality into the new era of life. It is a giant step, and yet an easy step if we will only make the effort through Transcendental Meditation. Those not willing will simply be left to dwell in the dreams of the outmoded past.

In order to change humanity we must first change ourselves. When we do this, the truth will become self evident, and automatically we will begin to live the truth. The new science that is now being unfolded is the science of the Self, and the science of the New Age will be spiritual science. The failure of humanity to date has been to judge and analyze all others from their own platform of human limitations or ignorance.

When you go within yourself and fathom yourself, you will have unlocked the secrets within your Self. You will then not only know yourself and unlocked the secrets of the universe, but you will also understand others as well. With this knowledge you will never again judge anyone or anything. The slave of emotions will now be the master of emotions. That which is greatest will now help that which is the least, and that which is least will now serve the greater. The thoughtless will now be thoughtful. The greedy will now be generous. The cruel will now be the merciful. These transitions will now occur because the self has become the Self.

The Age of Enlightenment that is now upon us starts with enlightenment; the moving into the true reality of activity of Self-life, while reflecting and maintaining the absolute. The inner revelation is that truly I am my brother’s keeper, because I am my brother; I now know the unity behind multiplicity.

As the new spiritual age dawns and out of the ashes of the ego arises the new spiritual being, knowledge becomes wisdom, love replaces hate in the world, and mercy replaces severity. The keynote of the new world has now been struck; there is a new heaven and a new earth and a new enlightened human able to guide his own destiny in harmony with all of creation. The clarion call that echoes down the halls of time so clearly states, “Ye must be born again. Transcend. Transcend. Transcend.” This is truly Heaven on Earth.

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