Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"To understand the law of cause and effect or karma one must accept and understand pre-existence to this life."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

Cause and Effect

The law of karma is simply the law of cause and effect in action or in motion. To really understand the law of karma one must understand reincarnation, or the fact that the soul is on a long journey and that this calls for many bodies that are limited to a general maximum of one-hundred years and then they must be changed. Then, during the change there is an evaluation and balancing, as near as it is possible, of the karma involved during a lifetime; the desires of the individuals being balanced out against the new karmic load coming up. Also, there is the extraction of all of the virtues of a lifetime that is absorbed by the higher Self, the one really learning the lessons of life.

In each lifetime on earth there is the opportunity to live out the fulfillment of one's desires. Also, on the contrary side, one lives in a world or plane where nothing works out, so that many of these desires are burned out. Then one goes to a special heaven where one's memory is locked off, and peace and rest in a blissful setting or surrounding ensues until one is ready to come back to the world to continue the long journey, from gross to subtle stages. This is the law of the cosmos, or evolution in action.

To understand the law of cause and effect or karma one must accept and understand pre-existence to this life in the world. Incidentally, déjà vu is simply our contact with a place or person that momentarily brings into focus a subconscious memory of a past life incident or surrounding. Contained within the structure of the law of karma is the principle that if one lives a productive life of meritorious work one will enjoy the fruits of it and if one leads a non-productive or destructive life one must suffer. Such determination is based on intent; what was the intent? In any case if we cause one to suffer we must suffer to the same degree and if we bring someone happiness we in turn will enjoy happiness to the same degree they did. This is justice and justice is balance and this is karma. This is cause and effect in action.

The real value of religion is that it gives out the do's and don'ts of life for all to follow, guidelines for doing good and for what to avoid. The Lords of Karma create nothing, they simply restore back into balance what the human put out of balance. If we learn to live a life in balance then bad karma loses its influence and power, and one is in tune with the infinite.

Bad karma, under certain circumstances, can be lessened; such as by initiation onto the path of liberation, prayers, spiritual practices, and so forth. This, however, occurs only through the law of grace. It is also true that most suffering exists only on the physical and mental planes. For anyone striving to remain on the spiritual plane through meditation and devotion to God, the suffering is greatly lessened because by virtue of rising to a higher plane, one transcends the pain that was heretofore experienced on a lower plane. As we increase our power and infuse the light of God, the spiritual light burns out our old karma, for God is all powerful and all forgiving.

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