Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"The infusion of the Being into ourselves as we continue to meditate is the infusion of the Divine power that overshadows all of our lower physical nature and will ultimately free us from our human prison."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

God is Love

God is love means that the highest expression of creation, the motivation of creation itself, is out of pure love; this is God. It also means the highest conceivable vibration in the universe that also sustains the universe; this is God. God, and there is really only one God, is the Almighty Father, Master of Creation, who creates only out of love. God is the one who is the eternal flame, who sends out myriads of sparks from his own flame to ensoul those who are created in his image and are called human beings; humans who express the Being.

Humans start at the bottom of the ladder and through knowledge and experience work their way up the ladder to the rim of the well of life and on to eternal freedom. This is a long and hard climb involving the taking on of many bodies to complete the journey of human mortal life. If we continually progress on the path of evolution, each body should be a little higher expression than the last one and this is evolution.

The start of the human journey was in a mindless body; the purpose was to construct a workable vehicle. This required many trials and errors until a vehicle was constructed that could offer the most pliable and adaptable body suitable for higher and higher human expression and finally divine expression, laying aside the vehicle forever.

The human purpose of life is to fulfill God in life. Although we started from the animal vitality and its activities, a divine existence was always the objective. The purpose of God entering into form was to enjoy self-manifestation in vehicles of relative and phenomenal consciousness. This is why it is said that we as humans are one with the Father.

As soon as the body was ready, a ray of mind was fed into the vehicle, so the human could become self-sustaining. This modus of life centered on survival. Because the human was of a divine status, he was also a master of nature. As he developed his mental capacity, he began to misuse his powers. The early human did not possess the reasoning mind; he only functioned from instinct, passion and desire. As a result, he ran into severe and insurmountable problems.

Then, the reasoning mind was developed, so he could reason out the consequences of his actions, as well as becoming more reasonable in all of his thoughts and actions. We have not as yet become fully reasoning or reasonable and we continue to kill each other for selfish reasons. The humans, who are as yet unknowing, regard themselves as separate beings; apart from the universe, not an integral part of the whole. It is the human that runs the gamut of life from unconscious to super-conscious. However, we are moving into a new age where human behavior has to make a dramatic change, where killing and wanton destruction will become unthinkable. This will be the age when numerous high souls will come to earth and establish human behavior on a platform of high purpose. The will of God will then be served. The earth will then take its place in the spiritual realm of divine purpose.

The earth is also a living entity and the earth is also raising its vibrations to correspond to the higher actions on the scale of evolution. Negativity relates to low vibrations, as does evil and destruction. With the positive incoming change in structure of the earth and humans, evil, destruction and negativity will fade from the earth. The evil ones, knowing that their days are numbered, are making one last effort to drag as many humans down with them as possible.

That demon of destruction that possesses all of us to one degree or another must now be cast down. To free ourselves from this force that besets us is mostly beyond our individual ability. Therefore, we must call down the Divine Power in order to gain freedom. Of ourselves, we can do nothing, but to God all things are possible. Therefore, we must put ourselves under his divine protection.

As meditators, we have done just this. Our mantra is the highest conceivable power prayer in the universe. As the Scriptures show, the angel wrestling with the devil, so we must wrestle with our lower selves and cast down our own devil, whatever form it may take.

If we believe in our higher and supreme Self, we can do what must be done. It is not easy. But, by faith and devotion to our meditation, it can be done. Our will power is the expression of our divine nature. By using or calling on our will power, nothing is impossible. The path of destruction does not require will power. But, to extricate ourselves from the mire of matter does call for will power and that is the inner strength of our God nature manifesting when we need that power.

The infusion of the Being into ourselves as we continue to meditate is the infusion of the Divine Power that overshadows all of our lower physical nature and will ultimately free us from our human prison. Even as we know that God is love, or that supreme vibration, we also know that we must step up our own vibration to where it orchestrates with our divine nature. Then we will outgrow our earthly shell and go on to absolute bliss and eternal freedom, leaving our discarded shell on the shore of earth's restless sea. The expression of multiplicity becomes one with the One, and that which is of the earth remains with the earth, and that which is of our God nature goes to God.

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