Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"It is in Transcendental Meditation, that by infusing the Being or God into the mind and body (which is energy, light and love, and this completely charms the mind), that the mind no longer is a demon of destruction, rather it becomes the servant of God. "

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

Energy; a Life Force

The real Self or the spiritual Self is a powerhouse of energy. The physical self is conditioned energy that is limited and often inhibited or restricted. Generally, the lower nature of the human is an expression of force and the higher nature is an expression of energy. It is force that is mainly used in materialization and separation and it is energy that is used in gaining spiritualization.

Energy is what you grow into as you unfold yourself and clear your connecting channels. Energy is the power that moves toward the center and acts as a magnet as we move in on ourselves in our march toward the spiritual Self. Force is the opposite, it is the physical power of matter which moves away from the center and as a result causes human separation and restriction.

The centripetal and centrifugal forces operating our spiritual nature are heavily charged with electricity and the more spiritual we become the more we become charged. As an example, one person may give a lecture and only words come forth, yet another may give the same lecture, but his words are charged and give forth energy which inspires and uplifts those who hear him. So, one is using force and the other, higher speaker, is using energy. Also, some people give you energy and others draw energy from you. It depends on the degree of infusion of the Being or lack of it. Higher energy levels signify higher vibrations. Some people express tremendous physical power or force, yet they mostly repel others, while the ones with spiritual energy attract.

It is important for us to conserve our energy and not heedlessly dissipate it in excess physical activity, mental worry or emotional drain. Unless we are spiritually charged, and few people are, we have a given amount of energy to operate on, which physical activity uses up very rapidly. We are only spiritually charged when we become a clear channel for energy. We create a clear channel for a continuous stream of energy to pour into us to the degree that we have purified the nervous system and brought our higher vehicles into alignment. There also needs to be an infusion of all vehicles with the soul and then a further infusion with the spiritual. The body should be kept in good condition at all times since energy can leak rapidly from a damaged organ, gland or other body centers. Sex, if it is misused, is also one of the most popular ways of depleting enormous amounts of energy.

We need to raise our energy level from the three lower centers of the body to the higher centers to gain the benefit of the energy and increase it at the same time. The three lower centers in the body absorb three-fourths of their energy from the sun and one-fourth from food. They are physical centers and they are concerned with the physical life of the body. If excess amounts of energy are used up, the body becomes exhausted. So, again, it is necessary to control negative emotions and heavy sexual activity. The reason children are taught not to abuse themselves is because in so doing they lose their powers of concentration and memory, which is so necessary for a student.

The human has to go through the process of an energy transmutation through a method of purification, and this is through Transcendental Meditation. Through meditation one's energy rises into the higher centers. Energy when raised to the heart center changes the individual's selfish love to group love; to selfless compassion for all of humanity, along with a greater understanding of those who are less evolved. One at this point should turn to activity of service to humanity without profit or personal gain, rather than the selfish misuse of energy. Energy when raised to the throat center causes one to become more creative in the arts, and so forth. Energy when raised to the sixth center opens one up to the spiritual worlds and an input of higher knowledge and wisdom is received. Then, when raised to the seventh center, or crown center, a cosmic status is gained and an unlimited amount of energy pours into us. This energy is tremendous and the physical power is much less. Hence, one in a high spiritual energy state becomes less and less physical.

We exist as an individual unit in a field of energy and this field is called a field of love. When we act against this field, it causes us misery and suffering and rapidly exhausts our energy supply as well as closing off certain centers of our body, causing them unnecessary damage. On the other hand, when we are in harmony with nature, or our energy field, we establish a clear channel to receive more love-energy, and an increase in health and happiness results.

To keep the channel clear we must remember that what we put out we receive back. A negative output in life calls for a negative input back to us to the degree of the output; cause and effect. And, this is controlled by our attitude and emotional stability. This is where will power comes into play; with discipline and discrimination working together we no longer create thought forms of a negative nature that tend to control us.

The soul is the sun within us. Often the heart is referred to as the sun, because the soul resides in the heart. Right thinking, speech and action increase the light within us and break up the clouds of negativity that cut us off from the soul-sun. When the sun shines through us it radiates out as love which is magnetic and attracts others to us rather than repelling them.

It is very necessary that we detach ourselves from the unnecessary energy sapping bonds we have acquired in life, unnecessary emotional restrictions, which are unnecessary attachments to materiality and unnecessary projections of the ego. When we control these, we become in tune with nature and the infinite. A great load is lifted from us and the light of love-energy pouring forth from us helps all others who are around us.

The mind becomes the prison of the Self. It is the mind that must be cultured by love so that it will release the Self, and in love the lower self surrenders to the higher Self. It is the lower mind that creates negative clouds that in time take on form and further binds us. It is in Transcendental Meditation, that by infusing the Being or God into the mind and body (which is energy, light and love, and this completely charms the mind), that the mind no longer is a demon of destruction, rather it becomes the servant of God.

We are always receiving impressions in the mind, some from the world above and some from the world below. The impressions we act upon make all the difference. The impressions from the lower world act through the physical senses, whereas the impressions from the higher worlds act upon the subtle inner nature of the human. Most of humanity is not highly enough attuned to receive the higher impressions, so they go unheeded and they act upon the lower impressions. They become victims of their senses and are lost in a material maze of life.

No one can storm the gates of heaven. When you have earned the keyword the gates automatically open. At sometime we have to raise our level of consciousness and become receptive to our true Self, to pure energy and to our real God nature. We will, however, continue to create thought forms, only they will be of love and beauty, not ugly and destructive. We will not only become receivers of pure energy, but we will also be transmitters of love-energy into the world which will dispel the clouds of confusion, despair and false illusions and thereby help uplift humanity.

God created us in his image, that we might finally stand vertical and tall in the pure light of love and energy as a silent witness to our cosmic unfoldment.

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