Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

" Man is unique for he lives in two worlds at the same time; the material one around him and the mental spiritual world within him, and he has not as yet been able to reconcile the two."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

The Human as a Light

Man is unique because he lives in two worlds at the same time; the material one around him and the mental spiritual world within him, and he has not been able to reconcile the two. Yet, to succeed in his pilgrimage he must do just this very thing.

The material world is simply a centered conglomeration of whirling bits of electrical force, both negative and positive in nature, that follow an orderly pattern held together by electro-magnetic forces. These whirling, dynamic centers of force, without density or solidity are pulsating with life energy and are found throughout the cosmos. From them all of the chemical elements are constructed. So, matter is nothing but electricity in a given condition. It is a pulsating vibration of greater and lesser intensity, and when we vibrate in a given range compatible with the vibration of the elements of matter around us they appear to be solid.

Man in his true nature is related to everything in the cosmos and beyond. Any separateness that exists has to exist in his mind. The universe of which we are a part is macroscopic to us, yet it is microscopic to any being who is greater and exists beyond it and understands it. Man hardly realizes that he lives in a gross material world geared to gross material vibrations and that he is in contact with the coarsest of the vibrations of electricity; coarse levels of color, heat, sound, and so forth. Yet, there is part of him that connects him to the highest part of the cosmos and beyond. Such is the potential of the human; ensouled deep within with that eternal spirit, that soul that was never born and will never die, that part that must grow into the reality of an absolute status.

The human is surrounded by a magnetic field, or a field of effects, and this is also true for everything created from the lowest to the highest realms of light. This magnetic field is also known as the aura. It radiates from the human the same as solar rays radiate from the sun. It is the human, though he is tied to the stars, the constellations, the solar system and the earth of this universe, who has the gift of eternal life. He also has the corresponding forces of the universe in him and this makes it possible for him to become aligned or tied to the greater forces that lie outside of him in the cosmos. So, to the human, space is total nutrition or that which sustains life. He has an absolute status incorporated in him; he is ensouled. He is endowed with the eternal spark and his destiny is to grow into his full eternal status.

Most humans are unaware of the greatness of the vibrations that surround and affect them, that play in and through them from the constellations and the planets. They are conditioned to living in a gross world of materiality and material vibrations. They are only aware of the coarse vibrations of sound, color, heat, cold, electricity, and so forth, and are totally unaware of anything of a subtle, higher nature.

The human has seven bodies, the physical body is the coarsest or densest which contributes to the gathering together of the radiations from himself, and this is manifested as the aura. The emotional forms that clothe thought are pictured in the aura as color and form. Every thought passing through the individual is seen in the aura, written in the language of color. It may or may not be beautiful and this varies with the mental status of the individual and his level of consciousness. From these radiations of color and form a psychic or clairvoyant person can tell the health, character, physical make-up, cosmic age, spiritual or psychological development, and also the mental capacity, temperament, talents and gifts of any individual. The aura is really a blueprint, or map of the person.

Everything about everyone is written and detailed in the cosmic code language of color, which again, is cosmic force and is also a vibration. Most people cannot see the aura, but many sense the aura (and all forms of life radiate an aura). For example, a strong forceful person would emit a powerful aura, but this does not imply it is a pleasant aura. It is the quality of one's aura that attracts or repels one to or from another person. The auras either mesh or they clash.

Thought controls the aura. So, the quality of the thought controls the color of the aura. Thoughts are the emotional expressions of our desires that carry motives hidden deeply within and these radiate from the aura as color. Color is light that is subdivided on the ethereal plane. Light being the basis of all life, enters into every cell, tissue, bone and blood of the body. In good health one's aura radiates an electrical force field which has a high vibration or voltage; this powerful shield protects us. Nothing of a lower or inferior vibration can penetrate the aura. By wrong thinking and action we can weaken this voltage and become victims of external negative pressures.

The infusion of the Being through Transcendental Meditation increases one's vibration and protection. Wrong desires create wrong thinking and wrong actions, and this greatly weakens the aura. Right action results from right thoughts and thoughts are influenced by desires. So, the desire to become more spiritual and to experience God creates strong radiant auras around us. The aura speaks louder and clearer regarding ourselves than anything we could ever say. What and how we think is of vital importance, because this is what colors the aura. Positive thinking, as long as it is practical and not foolish, lifts our vibrations and enhances our aura, and negative thinking lowers our vibrations and dims our aura. This is why positive thinking is always encouraged.

Subconscious pressures, to a great extent, control our thinking and color our outlook on life. It is through the practice of Transcendental Meditation, by infusion of Being, that we release and erase these pressures and raise our vibrations while at the same time we unfold a new outlook on life. Thereby, we become spiritual. By our continued practice of Transcendental Meditation we are plumbing the depths of silence and reaching the essence of our Self. This in time becomes mirrored on the surface of life.

When we are experiencing our true higher Self we stand out in vibrant iridescent colors that radiate quite a distance from our bodies and this in turn uplifts and in many cases heals those around us. This is what is meant by being a light in the world. We radiate pure light that soothes and attracts others and this is spirituality. And, to be this is goodness and pure wisdom. Such people walk quietly in this world, yet leave a great imprint of goodness and power behind them, and a great white light shines ever around them for all to see and benefit from.

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