Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"A baby in the mother's womb is the same as clay in the hands of the potter."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

A Few Thoughts on Parenting

People often speak of a little stranger being born into a family. However it is not a stranger, but a connection of love from the past that is the attracting force that has brought that soul to them. It is a loved one from the past who, as a newborn, weak, helpless and undeveloped, has come back and placed themselves in their care. It is a great trust that has been placed in them. In essence you did not make him. He does not belong to you. He belongs only to himself and to God. You through love will for a time protect and care for him and guide him until he is developed to a point where he is able to fend for himself. You in turn will in due time receive the same treatment.

There is in certain cases a condition where the opposite, or hate, will bind one to a parent and in this case we need that experience in order for us to grow. Sometimes when we marry we marry someone we know from a past life, and really love them again. We sometimes marry a stranger and then we should really get to know and understand them, if at all possible. It is love that rules everything in the universe and what we truly love, we never lose. Love is the one thing in the universe that does not know defeat.

At the time of conception the mother-to-be, the father-to-be and the incoming soul are always present. The soul hovers near the mother for the first twenty-one days and then the soul enters the body of the mother.

If a child is not wanted by the father, the child's brain consciousness is apt to be slowed below normal and mental perception becomes retarded. If the child is not wanted by the mother, there is a liability to the child of a weakened heart and uncertain or imperfect heart functioning.

A baby in the motherís womb is the same as clay in the hands of the potter; how perfect or how imperfect the outcome is up to the mother. Her thoughts mold the child. To bring in a higher, happy soul the mother to be should be engaged in thoughts of high idealism and keep her mind tuned to thoughts of beauty and harmony.

During pregnancy, great importance should be placed on pure living and high thinking on the part of the parents in order to give the child the best advantage possible.

The mother and developing fetus should have peace and quiet. This is the time when harmony between man and wife is of paramount importance to the well being of the developing fetus.

The method used to teach and train a child for the first seven years usually determines the way a child will go from then on. The atmosphere and environment of a little child require three things; love, security and peace. Also, a child should always be treated with kindness, consideration and respect. During the first seven years a child primarily learns about his physical environment. One should not expect much mental or emotional response from a small child. To excite too much mental or emotional response is harmful to a young child.

Children, being highly receptive to impressions, should be protected as much as possible from fears of every type. This is a fixed responsibility of parents, teachers and all who are in touch with children. If thoughts of fear are instilled in the childís subconscious mind it will follow him the rest of his life. And if there is enough fear in the child, it will tend to paralyze him and hinder his activities in life.

Those who wantonly frighten children and subject them to emotional disturbances are very apt to come back in their next life with a broken body, shattered nerves or a weak mind as compensation for such treatment of children.

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