Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"As one grows in meditation one is less and less susceptable to negative thinking."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

Thought Forms

Every thought possesses form, color and tone. The ethers around us are filled with these varicolored forms at all times. Some people are clairvoyant enough to be aware of these colors. They are able to feel, see and hear them. The thought forms can be positive and some can be negative. One should at all times try to cultivate a firmly positive attitude of mind so as to be immune to the influence of the many harmful thought forms that permeate the atmosphere everywhere. People of a negative attitude of mind are subject to thoughts in the atmosphere of fear, anger, hate, destruction, and so forth; whereas strong, positive thinkers are very little affected by such thoughts. Also, strong, positive thinkers exercise a strong influence over those they are around. One thing that keeps one in a positive frame of mind is their ability to exercise discipline over imagination, and also the ability not to identify with everything that occurs. Positive thinking people remain serene and poised and in control of their emotions.

It is during meditation that one experiences the higher realms of pure bliss and pure thoughts and also experiences a process of purifying out of the negative thoughts. As one grows in meditation one is less and less susceptible to negative thinking. Also, as one grows in spirituality, one becomes more and more responsible for the kind of thoughts one entertains. One's thoughts radiating out stay in the atmosphere or planetary ethers for a very long time. Thoughts some times remain and maintain their psychic pressure in the planetary ethers long after the originator has departed this world. The thinking that originated before, during and after World War I caused World War II.

The reason why capital punishment is not good is that thought forms of hatred, revenge and murder created by an individual who is executed are released into the ether to then affect humanity at large. This can then go on for several generations before its force is spent.

Thought forms of love, beauty, truth and high ideals, when sent forth with power and purpose, serve to cleanse, purify, heal and renew all who come in contact with them. This also works in reverse. Thought forms created by an individual grow and grow as one thinks along a certain train of thought, and eventually this overpowers and controls the creator. If one entertains a negative train of thought, then bad results from this. However, if the thought is positive, then there are good results. So, by our own thinking we create our own glory or gloom, or even doom. We should always think carefully about what we are thinking.

Mind is a comparatively new acquisition of humanity; reason is the principal faculty currently being evolved. It is said that youth is ever proud, with a tendency toward arrogance and conceit; these are the characteristics that distinguish a young inexperienced soul from an old soul ripe in wisdom.

A person who is centered mentally and starts on the meditative path is likely to cultivate intellectual power at the expense of spiritual growth. They become coldly analytical and are unable to discover the soul wisdom so necessary for their growth. After some time they become disillusioned and fall away from the path.

However, those who are seeking God go up the ladder of life bathed in the light of God and are thereby guided to the goal, yet they are the ones who are ridiculed by the opposite types. When the last tube has been twisted and dried the experiencer of God goes to God and the intellectual still sits at the bottom of the ladder lost in his own intellect. The mentalist must at some time learn to still his mind and listen to the dictates of his heart.

It is also true that the mystic must learn to control his emotions and heed the voice of clear reason. If this procedure is followed, then the spiritual currents that are infusing and ascending in the body, will affect a balance of power between head and heart.

The Almighty Father or God Supreme is the first and eternal flame. Virgin spirit or humanity is a spark of that flame. And the purpose of life after life, or reincarnation, is to fan that spark through knowledge and experience until it becomes like its parent flame. After being enmeshed for so many ages in the illusion of matter, the spirit memory of its celestial divine origin has grown very dim. It is through trials and tribulation, suffering and sorrow, that it rends the veil of illusion and then discovers its true divinity. From this awakening one starts the long journey on the path of enlightenment, back from whence it so long ago departed. The prodigal son (the human race) returns home to the Father where there is great rejoicing.

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