Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"In order to master materiality we must transcend materiality."

                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

The Way to Realization

The way to God realization is by the reversal process. That is, to flow the attention back to the source to pure Being, and rise above or transcend everything that is relative or not pure and permanent.

It is the soul that is eternal, but which has become identified with the individual body. As a result it has become immersed in ignorance or darkness. It passes through various transformations through different bodies and the soul identifies with these physical bodies as long as it remains in them.The soul also gets immersed in ignorance by the identification with the mind, senses, intellect and consciousness.

There is also the divine spirit that shines through the physical organs and permeates the entire physical body, as well as all of creation itself.

The human being desires above all else to be happy because this is his true nature. In ignorance, however, he tries everything he is familiar with to find some combination of things or events that will give him this sought after happiness, even to the point of attempting to become master of materiality. All things fail and then he discovers that he must get the individual soul evolved as divine spirit.

Then he begins the practice of Transcendental Meditation whereby he learns that in order to master materiality he must transcend materiality. Through meditation, the individual self as a spark of the divine light is now in the process of freeing itself from its sins. To succeed, he must become endowed with sincerity of purpose and his mind must hold this true purpose of life uppermost at all times.

He now discovers the difference between the Self and the not-Self. In his quest of “Who am I?” he sees the Self as different from the mind, body, senses, intellect and ego. Slowly there comes a detachment from the world of not-Self. There comes a lessening of passion or desire for any further entanglement in the world of duality and illusion; a falling away from bondage; freedom from desire; absence of cravings; and, an increasing detachment from worldly objects. He is now gaining spiritual strength and wisdom.

As we increase in wisdom the unconscious levels of the mind are freed from gross complexes and subtle desires that would continue to bind us. We develop a mental serenity which enables us to exercise mastery over the senses. As we integrate the Being through our practice of Transcendental Meditation we are no longer inclined to those actions that have been based on the cravings and desires of an egocentric demanding mind. Now faulty actions are being replaced with higher actions; selfish actions are now being replaced with selfless actions. We are gaining the strength of wisdom and will and the superior qualities of endurance, persistence, and patience. The mind is ever gaining a higher level of purification. It now begins to reflect the true glory of the Self. We come into possession of unswerving devotion in our purpose, and an increasing faith in the Self. The mind also becomes more and more relaxed and free from worries, sorrows and distractions. We experience tranquility of the mind.

We now know that the consummation of spiritual development is eternal life. We are now erasing the ego which has been the number one barrier to Self-realization. It was the ego or the sense of separation that for so long has kept us in bondage. We are now on the spiritual path to eliminate the sense of separation. We are not on the spiritual path trying to build a spiritual consciousness or earn the favor of God, but we are awakening to the full realization of our real true and lasting nature.

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