Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

" When one becomes conscious of his own ignorance then one starts to move toward wisdom and higher knowledge."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

The Road to Perfection

When one becomes conscious of his own ignorance, then one starts to move toward wisdom and higher knowledge. One realizes that in his long search in the external he has learned very little of eternal value. He now recognizes that the real and true answers lie within his own Self. So now he becomes the seeker. The search for truth has begun, not somewhere in the world of illusions, but in his own inner Being.

There he begins to fathom the depth of that silent field that lies within. He finds not only the silence, but he also opens the door to the eternal aspect of himself. He has transcended the field of limitations and has entered the field of all possibilities. He discovers that he must gain a state of purity of body, mind and soul. The ideas, the concepts and the considerations of the past must be left behind, and truly he beholds a New Heaven and a New Earth in reality as the inner and outer of his own Self.

Thus he must be purged in the inner fire of revelation and be made new. That which for so long has been a self-imposed burden around his neck must now be cast aside. A new and more powerful light from within shines forth to guide him along the spiritual path he now treads towards life's eternal destination. Ultimately, he will set aside death as he would discard an old garment and he will be clad in golden raiment that knows no time or age. His heart and his mind will join in holy matrimony, a true marriage of human to spirit. He will accept his immortality with full honors as one who takes on full kingship after so many ages of being prepared for just such a time and event.

He now lives in an eternal age that knows no darkness nor casts any shadows, forever bathed in the eternal light. He fully sees and fully understands the scope of his Eternal Kingdom. He sees that which is absolute; that which is and always was and always will be. He will never again know the frustrations of human limitations and he will realize that the apprenticeship so long endured was most certainly worth the effort. Tears and pains of yesterday are now forgotten in the glory of the eternal bliss of the divine life.

Always he was pure of spirit. Now he is pure of mind, heart and soul. The one that went forth into the world so many eons ago has now returned wearing his new crown, won after so many battles, so many trials and so many tribulations. Now the celestial beings take up the chorus in might and sing, All Hail the Conqueror.

Hail to the one who went down into the valley of the shadows of fear and uncertainty and who became almost horizontal in despair before he could stand vertical in the light of God. Now he understands the absolute, because he now understands his own true nature. He has left the universe of relativity and now knows the nature of the unbounded absolute.

The term “ever darkness” has often been used to refer to the absolute because it has been beyond the range of human mind and senses, and for most of humanity is still beyond the range of their experience. But, for those who have overcome, this is no longer true because the prize so valiantly sought has at long last been won. We no longer ask, “Who am I?” That question has now been answered for all time. I now know that I am my Self. I was always my Self and I will always be my Self.

When I went down to the field of illusion I forgot who I was and I lived as a mere mortal, beset by all the trials and tribulations that I imposed upon myself. I became affixed to the wheel of birth and death. I lived numberless lives and I played scores of roles on the stage of human life. And by playing these parts over and over again, I learned what is good and what is bad in each and every life. Now I will go no more out, for I have gained the goal. I have been heated and cooled and tempered in the furnace of life and I now stand fully perfected having gone from no mind to divine mind. The spark has returned from whence it began, not as the spark but now as the flame.

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